Gumball 3000 Announces New York To Tokyo Rally For 2008, Bonus Stopover In North Korea!

It's upward and onward for Maximillion Cooper, the Founder and CEO of "The Gumball 3000 Group." He's got the spin going strong, as he describes his game plan for next year's Gumball rally. His press release (we've got the whole thing below the jump) claims an eight-day 3000-mile route »6/07/07 3:00pm6/07/07 3:00pm

The release also goes heavy on…


Team Polizei Found Fund to Benefit Family of Gumball Crash Victims

Our pals at Team Polizei have pledged $10,000 toward the creation of a fund to benefit the family of Vladimir and Margarita Cepuljoski, the couple who died after an accident involving Gumballers Nick Morley and Matthew McConville last week in Macedonia. Other ralliers have expressed interest in helping the… »5/08/07 4:00pm5/08/07 4:00pm

Gumball 3000 Organizers Answer Team Polizei With Their Own PR Salvo

The folks running the sticky and gooey road rally are firing back at Team Polizei after they were taken to task over the lack of information provided to the rally participants about the deadly crash in Macedonia. Team Polizei claimed they received no information on the crash at a team meeting the next morning despite… »5/07/07 8:00am5/07/07 8:00am

Morley Released On Bail, Tries To Flee Macedonia In Private Jet, Arrested Again

Oh god, not more Gumball news...ok, let's try to give you a recap. Nick Morley, the driver of the car which reportedly fled the scene after causing an old Macedonian man to have a "heart attack" and die, thus causing his wife to die of grief (look, we're romantics, so let us romanticize, k?), thus causing the Gumball… »5/05/07 9:54pm5/05/07 9:54pm

Team Polizei Takes On Gumball 3000's Maximillion Cooper Over Hit-And-Run Coverup

We've been covering the Gumball 3000 and the recent tragedy in Macedonia in a way that may seem to paint the cross-European rally, and all others, with a brush that may be a bit too wide. There are some very cool and very good people who participated in this rally, like our friends at Team Polizei, who appear to run… »5/05/07 7:02pm5/05/07 7:02pm

"Scumball 3000" Is Not The Scummy Gumball 3000 — Enter The "Dumball 3000"

We've been informed via e-mail by the folks who are Good with wood in the UK that they've got their own uses for the term "Scumball." Therefore let us now name this little race the "Dumball 3000" — or at least until a point in which the unknown official holders of that particular trademark feel we've infringed upon it… »5/04/07 9:58am5/04/07 9:58am

Scumball 3000 Absolves Drivers Of Wrong-Doing...May Be Living In Dream World

The Gumball 3000 has finally issued a statement. If you can't get to it — we've also included it here: »5/03/07 6:36pm5/03/07 6:36pm

Yes, because I know whenever in an accident, the immediate first response of any is to head straight for the closest border crossing without stopping to administer help to the individuals they've just run over —…

Russian BMW Reportedly Picked Up Morley And McConville After Deadly Gumball 3000 Hit-And-Run

According to two sources familiar with the cross-Europe road rally, the car that picked up Nick Morley and Matthew McConville after the deadly hit-and-run incident we've been reporting on today was allegedly described as a Gumball BMW with Russian plates. That means it's more than likely the #19 Russian BMW...anyone… »5/03/07 2:34pm5/03/07 2:34pm

Gumball 3000 Race Organizers Attempting To Cover Up Hit-And-Run

According to posters on the official site of the Gumball 3000 race, they've now shut down the forum and stopped answering questions about the Nick Morley and Matthew McConville hit-and-run accident we reported on earlier. One source told us over IM: »5/03/07 1:40pm5/03/07 1:40pm

We'll have more as we get it, but the race organizers have yet to…

Gumballers Nick Morley And Matthew McConville Arrested After Hit-And-Run Fatality

We've been covering the Gumball 3000 up to this point with good cheer, and we'd hoped it would stay that way. Unfortunately, sometimes when you mix high-powered vehicles with the double dose of stupid — adrenalin and lack of sleep — bad things can happen. Like what appears to have happened with Nick Morley and… »5/03/07 12:52pm5/03/07 12:52pm