The Government Thinks A Lot Of Terrorists Live In Dearborn

There are two things you're guaranteed to see in Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit: Lots of Fords and lots of Arab-Americans. You should know Ford has its world headquarters there, but the city is also home to the largest concentration of Arabs outside the Middle East. So of course the government is monitoring it. »8/07/14 8:54am8/07/14 8:54am

Today Show Heads To Michigan To Cover...The New York Auto Show?

Not only did NBC head to Dearborn, MI to cover the New York Auto Show because apparently there's just not enough cars in the city that's big, red and delicious to do coverage right, they also managed to find a male FoMoCo engineer willing to don an "empathy belly" on TV. We salute you, Eero Laansoo, for not only… »4/06/07 2:44pm4/06/07 2:44pm

Rally 'Round The Ford! GT Ends Production, Owners Gather In Dearborn

With FoMoCo ending the limited-run production of the Ford GT supercar next month as they shut down the Wixom assembly, it's obviously a time for sentimentality. It explains why the Dearborn automaker invited GT owners from far and wide to head on down to Bill Fords big glass house for some punch and pie with the… »8/14/06 8:25am8/14/06 8:25am