Eight Amazing Facts About The Man Who Created The Monkeemobile

As you likely know, famous auto customizer Dean Jeffries died this weekend. While many of the cars and techniques Jeffries created are well known, Jeffries himself was a bit more reserved about his own accomplishments than certain contemporaries of his, and as a result, probably isn't as well known as he deserves.… »5/09/13 12:39pm5/09/13 12:39pm

Here We Come...Rollin' Down The Street...The Monkeemobile!

As a child, we loved two things: musclecars (especially GTOs and B-Body Mopars) and the Monkees. In fact, the first rock show we ever saw was the non-Nesmith reunion lineup on tour with "Weird Al" Yankovic in the summer of 1987. Lack of Mr. Woolhat not withstanding (we're still big Mike Nesmith fans, by the way), the… »8/08/06 4:00pm8/08/06 4:00pm

Maserati Chassis, plus Ford Engine, plus Aluminum Body = Mantaray!

Dean Jeffries' Mantaray is a car that's been in our consciousness as long as we can remember, although we never knew some of the facts behind it until just now. Built from a couple of Maserati Grand Prix chassis of 1950s vintage, the Mantaray sports a healthy small-block Ford with Weber carbs, given to Jeffries by… »7/18/05 3:45pm7/18/05 3:45pm