Add a New Backup Camera, $1 Shop Towels, Keychain Multitool [Deals]

I just bought a car with a rear view camera, and it's amazing. If you don't mind installing it yourself, you can add your own to any car for $13 today. The major caveat is that you'll need your own screen, but this is definitely a good place to start. [ Esky Waterproof NTSC Universal Car Rearview License Plate… » 8/22/14 1:45pm Friday 1:45pm

Bundle a Car Charger and Dash Mount Today for Just $13

In 2014, every car on the road should probably have two USB charging ports at the very minimum, and a good cradle to hold your phone at eye level when you use it as a GPS. If any of your vehicles don't meet these criteria, you can kill two birds with one stone for just $13 today. » 8/20/14 9:17am 8/20/14 9:17am

Svelte Jump Starter, Meguiar's Clay, Pioneer Stereo [Deals]

Everyone here should be familiar with car jump starters, but this one looks more like a phone charger (it does have USB after all) than a typical unit covered in handles and knobs. If trunk space is at a premium, this is a great, compact option. In fact, it's Amazon's #1 selling product in the entire automotive… » 8/18/14 1:45pm 8/18/14 1:45pm

Triple Gadget Car Charger, X-Cargo Carrier, Automatic [Deals]

You can keep everyone charged up and happy on long road trips with this three-port, 32W USB car charger. It's a newly-released item, but promo code FB9WX7J8 knocks the price down under $13. Don't let the Apple and Samsung labels fool you; this will work for any USB-powered gadget. [Bolse 3-Port 32W USB Car Charger,… » 8/14/14 1:45pm 8/14/14 1:45pm

Deals: Automatic Driving Assistant, Smartphone Dash Mounts, Toolbox

In case you aren't familiar, Automatic is a little Bluetooth dongle that plugs into your car's OBD-II port and communicates with your phone to track driving habits, mileage, and engine problems. Best of all, if you're in an accident, Automatic will automatically alert the authorities and call your family, no… » 8/11/14 1:45pm 8/11/14 1:45pm