Does A Dealer Have To Honor An Online Price Quote?

There are several third party websites such as TrueCar and Edmunds, that offer an instant hassle free price based on the vehicle you want. You get a savings certificate that you take to the dealer and buy the car without the haggling. But what happens when the dealer doesn’t want to honor your certificate? »8/05/15 3:31pm8/05/15 3:31pm

Trump Supporters Pissed After Car Dealer Takes A Whack At Donald Piñata

While local dealership ads tend to be pretty cheesy, they usually stay away from political controversy. This weekend, Donald Trump supporters took to social media demanding that an Los Angeles-area Nissan dealership face consequences after making commercial in which a Trump piñata is whacked to promote a sale. »7/27/15 11:42am7/27/15 11:42am

Family Saws Their Way Out Of Car Dealership After Getting Locked In

There is an old bit of car buying advice that says show up to the dealer when they are ready to close, as the salespeople will cut a good deal because they want to go home. If you try this method make sure someone knows you are there, so you don’t get stuck for hours like one Boston area family. »7/20/15 3:11pm7/20/15 3:11pm

How Dealerships Steal Profit From Their Salespeople

I joked in a previous post about the desperate salesperson who says I’m losing money on this deal,but sometimes it is true. If you ever wondered why some dealers refuse to work with Internet shoppers or why the turnover rate is so high, here’s an insider’s take on how dealers “protect” their profit at the expense… »7/15/15 10:39am7/15/15 10:39am

Fiat Chrysler Dealer Case Won't Go To The Supreme Court

During Chrysler’s bankruptcy in 2009, some dealers were forced to shut down. Now they want to be back in business, but Fiat-Chrysler claims the stores would be too much competition, and the Supreme Court has refused to hear the case between the embattled dealers in Ohio and Michigan and their corporate overlords.
»6/23/15 9:05pm6/23/15 9:05pm

Car Dealers Had $7 Billion In Revenue From Finance And Insurance

When a dealer is getting really desperate to close the sale, my all time favorite line is, “Hey man, I’m losing money on this deal.” While it is rare that a dealer will ever sell a car at a loss, chances are they will make up for it in the finance office. Revenue from finance and insurance are at $7 billion dollars. »6/19/15 10:11am6/19/15 10:11am

How Do I Buy A Car With A Low Credit Score And No Down Payment? 

My PT Cruiser with 140k miles is becoming a money pit. I need another car, but due to some medical bills my credit score took a massive hit and I have no cash for a down-payment. I’m worried about getting a loan with a high interest rate, but I’m also hesitant to deal with the headaches of another used car. »6/11/15 10:00am6/11/15 10:00am

Teenager Allegedly Poses As FBI Agent, Steals And Crashes Dealer's Car

Kids these days, when they aren’t taking selfies, they are pretending to be federal agents in order to take Dodge Chargers out for a joy rides. Well, maybe not all kids, but one Michigan teen could be facing some serious charges for allegedly impersonating an FBI agent, stealing and crashing a car.
»6/01/15 7:10pm6/01/15 7:10pm

Dealership Roof Collapse Ends In Massive Audi-valanche

I’ll be the first to admit that what you’re looking at looks completely fake. But it isn’t. It’s a screengrab from a BBC video. The roof-top parking lot of an Audi dealership in the British city of Milton Keynes just completely caved in, sending approximately 20 cars crashing down into a mountain of cars below. »6/01/15 3:40pm6/01/15 3:40pm