Get A Hummer In England: H3 Wrong-Side-Drive Unveiled!

We were all excited earlier this morning when the General dropped the release on the green-is-good Aura Green Line. We thought maybe they'd turned a new leaf and began to learn to love the sedan. Ha! We totally should have known better. That bit of hetero-automaker love lasted all of about 20 minutes, which is about… » 3/19/07 11:30am 3/19/07 11:30am

Here's $2000 For A Parts-Runner Tundra, Toyota Tells Dealers

Apparently it's been pissing off the Toyota overlords that some of their dealers have been buying American full-size pickup trucks for use as dealership parts haulers, so now they'll be kicking back $2000 to any Lexus, Scion, or Hino distributor that buys a Tundra for dealership use ($2000 being the approximate price… » 3/19/07 10:00am 3/19/07 10:00am

Electric Sales Potential! Tesla Motors To Open Five Non-Dealerships…

Our good buddies obsessed with all things gadgets and gizmos dropped us a tip that Tesla Motors is looking to open up five "customer service centers" this year across the country. They'll be located in Chicago, Northern California, Southern California, New York and Florida and they'll give prospective customers the… » 3/16/07 3:04pm 3/16/07 3:04pm

Dealer Dollars: Chrysler Gives Dealers Incentive, But Will They Give It…

The 'merican side of the German-American hybrid's already shown a penchant for descent down the slippery sales ladder of incentives without saying they're incentives. Hell, maybe they're just lying to themselves. Whether they're telling the truth or just truthiness, the Detroit News is reporting today the chieftains… » 12/02/06 2:24pm 12/02/06 2:24pm

Fuel Nazi No More! GM Lets Dealers Have Their Fuel Allowance Back

Last week we reported on a double-super-secret missive from William Powell, GM's Veep for Industry Dealer Affairs to all dealers on fuel allowances outlining the General's new policy on reimbursement to dealers of the cost of gas on that first filled-to-the-brim tank on a new car. The new policy was that instead of a… » 8/28/06 11:13am 8/28/06 11:13am

GM Says To Dealers: No Gas For You!

Like the Soup Nazi, the General's laying down the law on dealerships in the latest missive from the bean-counting bureaucrats at the RenCen (Note — in today's episode, the part of "bean-counting bureaucrat" will be played by GM Veep of Industry Dealer Affairs, William Powell), by making it clear they'll no longer… » 8/21/06 11:35am 8/21/06 11:35am

Hey Dealers! GM's Mark LaNeve Has A Great Opportunity For You!

More than likely GM NorAm veep for sales, service and marketing, Mark LaNeve never actually saw this dealer bulletin going out today, but damn it, it's even more funny if he actually did. It's a bulletin sent to all General Motor dealerships in the US, letting them in on something so amazing, so killer-cool, so hawt… » 8/08/06 12:00pm 8/08/06 12:00pm

Times Reporter Explains Technical Service Bulletin, Kisses Honda Ass

The ol' grey lady reports on automakers' Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs), those handy missives sent to dealers (and the NHTSA) to inform service folk of problems auto shops see in its vehicles. What's great about TSBs is consumers can view them via NHTSA's TSB search tool. Though, in highlighting this service,… » 7/02/06 2:00pm 7/02/06 2:00pm

Realignment For Retention: GM Looking To Get Bloated On Maintenance

The General's Veep of sales, Mark LaNeve sent a memo out to the General's dealer network this week, where he finally revealed the secretive moves GM began "several months ago" to realign the field and support organization for the not-so-spritely General. It looks like the General's gonna be moving to three Regional… » 5/19/06 1:13pm 5/19/06 1:13pm