How To Negotiate For A Used Car

Buying a used car may sound simple, but most people find it pretty intimidating. Brett and Kate McKay from The Art of Manliness put together this helpful pre-purchase guide. Even if you're a title-turnin' pro, it's worth a quick review. » 9/23/10 3:30pm 9/23/10 3:30pm

Dealer Sets Scion xB On Fire, Destroys It

A forum member over at ScionLife took his Scion xB to the dealer for a technical service bulletin issue this past week and got a call no car owner ever wants to receive. Somehow, the dealer managed to set his car on fire. The customized xB was totaled in the blaze and the Scion dealer has promised to replace the xB.… » 4/08/08 10:15am 4/08/08 10:15am

Quit Sellin' Cars, Hoser: Canadian Salesman Banned

Michael Manish, who ran a used car dealership owned by his father, has had the black spot slipped to him by British Columbian authorities due to multiple repeated violations. He'd been selling cars with unreported damage, holding cars on consignment despite his lack of a license to do so, hadn't provided customers… » 3/22/06 2:31pm 3/22/06 2:31pm

Lincoln Tops Dealer Service Satisfaction List

Honest Abe would surely give his namesake auto brand a crisp five-spot for its customer- service performance. According to JD Power and Associates (yes, them again), Lincoln owners who brought their new cars in for service within the first three years topped the list of most satisfied with their dealer service… » 7/21/05 5:56pm 7/21/05 5:56pm