How To Get Pumped Like An 80s NASCAR Driver

Strength Training For Performance Driving is a must-have for the mustachioed 80s NASCAR driver and, helpfully, includes instructions for how to get your pump on in a cheap motel like the one I'm staying in. Mark Martin's advice inside. » 12/27/10 4:00pm 12/27/10 4:00pm

The Greenwashing Of NASCAR

Ethanol producers are now in bed with NASCAR, turning America's most popular motorsport into a tool of greenwashing persuasion designed to make being pro-ethanol synonymous with being pro-American, pro-NASCAR. Here's The Daly Planet to explain. — Ed. » 12/27/10 2:00pm 12/27/10 2:00pm

Man Arrested After Posting 195 MPH Corvette Run On YouTube

If you're gonna speed on public streets don't tape it. If you do tape it, don't upload it to YouTube with the title "1000+ HP Corvette Doing 195+ mph." Otherwise, you'll end up in handcuffs like this 30-year-old from Oklahoma. » 12/23/10 12:30pm 12/23/10 12:30pm

Playboy Bunny Gets Dirty In A Land Rover

Playboy Playmate Giuliana Marino learns to go off-roading in a Land Rover Defender 90. Why? Who Cares? Warning, brief NSFW images of her looking at herself naked in German Playboy. It's like Black Swan, but with Land Rovers. [via Autotopias] » 12/21/10 2:30pm 12/21/10 2:30pm

The World Record Snowmobile Jump You Won't See On New Year's Eve

This year's New Year's Eve Red Bull show was to feature Levi LaVellee's world record jump in a snowmobile. The jump was canceled after he injured himself, but not before he blasted the current record with this 361-foot practice jump. » 12/20/10 3:30pm 12/20/10 3:30pm

Ten Cars That Won't Get You Laid On A First Date

Some guys have game like they read the directions. Others have cars so junky even hobos wouldn't sleep in them. With your help, we've assembled this list of ten cars that will never get you laid on a first date. » 12/20/10 11:00am 12/20/10 11:00am

The Amazing Illustrated Guide To F1's New Technical Regulations

A Formula One racing car has to conform to regulations which fill a dense 72-page booklet. Technical illustrator Craig Scarborough explains next year's new rules in layman's terms, with amazingly intricate and detailed illustrations. —Ed. » 12/15/10 12:00pm 12/15/10 12:00pm

Russian Motorists Viciously Beat Drunk Driver On Video

This allegedly intoxicated driver of a large SUV crashed into dozen of cars on a busy Russian street. His victims, not pleased by this, beat the ever-living crap out of him today while police watch and participate. Warning: graphic video. » 12/15/10 10:00am 12/15/10 10:00am

The Baseball Stadium Turned Clunker Graveyard

Bush Stadium in downtown Indianapolis was built in 1931 as a field for Negro and minor-league baseball teams. Today, it's a historical relic holding hundreds of rusting vehicles traded under "cash for clunkers," a spooky memorial to waste. » 12/14/10 9:00am 12/14/10 9:00am

Three-Time F1 World Champion Goes Medieval On Track Rival

Sissies in bright overalls driving around in circles, that's Formula One, right? Not when it comes to Brazilian world champion Nelson Piquet, whose 1982 kung fu moves are presented here on video. » 12/09/10 11:00am 12/09/10 11:00am

Steve McQueen's Cock Is Cooler Than You

We measure ourselves against our heroes. It's natural. Now here's your chance to literally do just that with Steve McQueen, the "King of Cool," who lets his Mustang make a NSFW Great Escape below. Seriously, NSFW. There be dong below. » 12/08/10 2:55pm 12/08/10 2:55pm

Mugged F1 Boss Turns Black Eye Into Watch Ad

Thugs may relieve Bernie Ecclestone of his watch but F1's octagenarian boss will always get the last laugh. The watch violently pilfered was a Hublot, whose new ad carries the tagline: "See what people will do for a Hublot." » 12/07/10 12:30pm 12/07/10 12:30pm

German TV Show "Wetten Dass?" Halted After Car Jumping Accident

The live German TV game show "Wetten Dass?" ("Wanna Bet?") was halted on Saturday mid-broadcast after a contestant, Samuel Koch, was severely injured. Koch was trying to jump over a moving car driven by his father. Disturbing video below. » 12/06/10 7:30am 12/06/10 7:30am

Foust Bends Block Over Knee At Grid, Spanks Him Silly

Tanner Foust told us earlier this year he taught Ken Block how to Gymkhana. This weekend he showed Block he's still the master, beating Block at his own 2010 Gymkhana Grid Invitational. Say Tanner's name, bitch! » 12/05/10 1:15pm 12/05/10 1:15pm

Tony Hawk Mounts His 630 HP V8-Powered Skateboard

Tony Hawk's finally jumped on the V8-powered skateboard built for his weekend appearance in Australia. Apparently, it's speed-limited and they're still working on dialing it in so it doesn't kill the skateboard legend. » 12/03/10 7:15pm 12/03/10 7:15pm

This Man Swallowed An Entire Bag Of Cocaine

When transporting drugs in your vehicle, remember to always signal. Otherwise you might end up like 18-year-old Art Taylor who, upon being pulled over for not signaling, freaked out and swallowed a bag of cocaine. His mugshot says it all. » 12/02/10 12:00pm 12/02/10 12:00pm

2011 Pirelli Calendar: Karl Lagerfeld's Naked Gods, Goddesses Sell Tires

The 2011 Pirelli Calendar, diverging from last year's Terry Richardson soft-core, features designer/photographer Karl Lagerfeld's take on Greek mythology, with Julianne Moore as a goddess. It's still full of naked women (and men!) selling tires, but classier naked women. (NSFW) » 12/02/10 10:00am 12/02/10 10:00am

How A Baja Racer Saved An American Missionary's Life

Last week we learned how Kent Kroeker and his Baja race team used their Marine Corps emergency training to save the life of an American missionary struck by another driver in the Mexican wilderness. Here, finally, is the full story. » 11/30/10 1:00pm 11/30/10 1:00pm

Russian Tuner Fucks Rolls-Royce Hood Ornament

As part of a tuning package for the Rolls-Royce Phantom, Russian tuner Dartz (they of the whale penis interior) replaced the storied "Spirit of Ecstasy" hood ornament with a couple engaged in sexual relations. It's dubbed the "Spirit of Xtasy." » 11/29/10 1:30pm 11/29/10 1:30pm