Jalopnik Crystal Ball: Where Will Chrysler Be In 9 Years?

Nine long years ago when Daimler seemingly out of nowhere snatched up Chrysler, minds began reeling. My father, who was still freaked out about German reunification, thought that the Germans owning Jeep was the third sign of the apocalypse. Word on the street was that Daimler was hungry for the soft and bountiful… »5/14/07 12:15pm5/14/07 12:15pm

What the Hoot Page? Watt has Righteous Bro Blog 'Bout Hydrogen Stations Near Reykjavik While Touring w/ Stooges

And then it it all comes full circle... There's little we enjoy more than reading Watt's (increasingly) unique Pedro-speak concerning all things that exist in the form of Watt. But, given the "energy diversity" that all the big carmakers are struggling to achieve, well, this is time and place appropriate to us… »1/13/07 1:37pm1/13/07 1:37pm

Sheikhs Heart Driving Fast: Bahrain Buys 30% of McLaren F1 Group

If you produce the oil that powers the engines, why not own the whole damn car? Or at least a good slice of it? Turns out, the Kingdom of Bahrain's purchase is not unprecedented as Abu Dhabi owns 5% of Ferrari and 15% of Spyker. What does this mean for lay pistonheads like us? Just that F1 will continue to be… »1/10/07 3:55am1/10/07 3:55am

Detroit Auto Show: Jeep Experiments With Inbreeding: Trailhawk Concept

Time for a little "between the lines" style analysis. Jeep says, "[T]he Jeep Trailhawk is a more refined highway cruiser without sacrificing any of Jeep's legendary off-road capabilities." Jalopnik says, "Kill the Compass immediately." Jeep says, "The key to the look of the Trailhawk,' said Nick Vardis, Principal… »1/08/07 8:51pm1/08/07 8:51pm

Mercedes Can't Get Enough Hot Saks Action: DCX to Sell First S600s Via Retailer's Holiday Catalog

Hot on the heels of the announcement that they'd pump out 750 R-Classes to help Saks raise funds for cancer research, Mercedes-Benz has announced that they'll sell the first twenty new-model S600s through Saks' holiday catalog. The Signature Editon S600s will come in shy of $150k, feature a 510hp twin-turbo V-12, and… »8/24/05 6:26pm8/24/05 6:26pm