Ford Extending E85 Corn Goodness To E-Series, Navigator and Expedition

More exciting action from the D.C Auto Show as Ford snuck some E85 news into the 2009 Ford Escape press release. The company's E-Series vans, Navigator and Expedition will be able to run on E85 fuel this year, which is good news for the small percentage of the people reading this that have access to the approximately… »1/22/08 10:45am1/22/08 10:45am

D.C. Auto Show: 2009 Mercury Mariner And Ford Escape Debut, With New Tire Spoilers And Everything

We'd forgive you if you didn't know that anything would be happening at the Washington, D.C. Auto Show this year. We'd also forgive you if you didn't know there was a new 2009 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner on the way. Finally, we'd forgive you if after looking at these photos of the 2009 Ford Escape/Mariner you were… »1/22/08 12:01am1/22/08 12:01am

Energy Policy: Ford Reveals HySeries Hybrid Edge Concept

Ford's showing off its HySeries fuel-cell hybrid in the nation's capital today, hoping to carve out a new direction in the ongoing battle of the research hybrids. As we mentioned yesterday, the Edge HySeries uses a hydrogen fuel-cell to top off the EV-car's batteries, which can also be charged via plug-in. Ford says… »1/23/07 7:38am1/23/07 7:38am