2008 Daytona 500: Many of Final Laps Surprisingly Run Under Caution

Yeah, between laps 187 (on the mu f**n cop) and lap 192, things were tightly controlled by that Corvette Z06 Pace car. Making things incredibly exciting. Wait... hooooooooly crap look at the sparks form underneath Casey Mears' car, looks like the fourth of July in the poor kids neighborhood. Of course those sparklers… »2/17/08 6:57pm2/17/08 6:57pm


2008 Daytona 500: Lap 109, Sweet God in Heaven. It's More Than Half Over

Lap 80 saw some pace car action from "debris on the track", which is entirely less exciting than "massive fireball" or "barrel roll of death from hell", but it did give many of the competitors a chance to fuel up or re-tire. We're looking outside right now at Michigan's rain over snow at 46 degrees, while enviously… »2/17/08 5:21pm2/17/08 5:21pm

2008 Daytona 500: That Didn't Take Long, Denny Hamlin Steals Lead

It's lap 35, and while we didn't capture the moment it happened on Fox's Gopher Cam, Denny Hamlin (who?) has wrested the lead from his other template car drivin' buddies. We're on the edge of our seats and despite the overwhelming onslaught of "Built Ford Tough" ads, we're sticking with this bitchin' race... all the… »2/17/08 4:15pm2/17/08 4:15pm

Reigning Champ Jimmie Johnson Takes Pole For Daytona 500, We Make Johnson Joke

At today's qualifying session for the 50th running of the "Great American Race," Jimmie Johnson clinched the pole for next Sunday's race with a lap speed of 185.082mph today on the 2.5-mile banked tri-oval. It's a good way for Johnson to start out a season where he's looking to match the record set by the great Cale… »2/10/08 6:40pm2/10/08 6:40pm

Daytona 500 After-Party: Clint Bowyer Makes Driving Upside Down Look Easy

In case you missed the "fun" and "excitement" of the first 185 laps of yesterday's "Super Bowl of racing" — and our tremendous coverage — you missed out on a really superb nap. But if you missed the last 15 laps — you missed a helluva good show. It wasn't just for the close finish, it was because it was such a wild… »2/19/07 2:01pm2/19/07 2:01pm

Daytona 500: Kevin Harvick Beats Mark "Old Man" Martin By A Tenth Of A Second!

Wait, what — Mark Martin just won the Daytona 500? What is this — February of 1982? That's because '82 was the first year Martin raced in Florida's 200-lap "Super Bowl of Racing." Before today, the man's won 47 races and finished in the top ten 141 times. But the one win he'd never had — was Daytona 500. After…

»2/18/07 7:10pm2/18/07 7:10pm

Michael Waltrip Handed Biggest NASCAR Sanction Ever, We Don Rocket Scientist Hats

There's more news from Daytona, as the closed-cockpit 'merican rubbin' is racin' league has levied what would seem to be some pretty serious sanctions against Michael Waltrip over the "undetermined substance" in the engine manifold of his #55 Toyota car before qualifying runs at Daytona on Sunday. In fact, the… »2/15/07 11:07am2/15/07 11:07am

Oh What A Not Good Feeling! Underwhelming Michael Waltrip Sees Toyota Impounded Due To "Potential Cheating Scandal"

The first potential ToMoCo slight of the day involved the NASCAR.com website, but the second's coming directly from NASCAR officials track-side. Michael Waltrip's being accused of potentially using "an undetermined substance in the intake manifold" of his bright and shiny new Toyota by officials during normal… »2/11/07 8:39pm2/11/07 8:39pm

NASCAR Web Site Refuses To Let Go Of American Automotive Hegemony, Excludes Toyota From Leaderboard

We're not sure if the NASCAR.com pole qualifying leaderboard is maybe showing off some poorly-coded flash animation or whether Toyota sponsorship of NASCAR is really sticking in the craw of some of their web crew. What we do know is Michael Waltrip probably didn't run fast enough to hit 23rd. That means that… »2/11/07 5:00pm2/11/07 5:00pm

Geezer to Pull a Foreman: 72-Year-Old James Hylton to Attempt to Qualify for Daytona 500

Coincidently, we just got done reading a screed from Jezzo's, The World According to Clarkson: And Another Thing in which the great Jeremy admits that he thinks of little else since turning 40 save death. Obviously, he doesn't want to die with a tube up his nose. No, Clarkson thinks being blasted into space aboard… »1/16/07 1:55am1/16/07 1:55am