This Is Exactly How Much David Hasselhoff Likes KITT From Knight Rider

David Hasselhoff really, really likes KITT from Knight Rider. As well he should – not only did he co-star in the TV show with the car, but the Pontiac was totally awesome as it smashed walls and jumped things and went bleep and bloop. But if you never understood why it was so great, check this out. »10/10/14 3:47pm10/10/14 3:47pm

The Glitz, The Glamor: The People Of The Gumball 3000!

All manner of celebrities were there with me in the Green Zone at the Gumball 3000 opening ceremonies yesterday, but I live in a fortified survivalist compound in which the corrupting influence of television is prohibited and thus could identify just two famous individuals: ex-mayor Willie Brown and ex-star David… »8/10/08 2:00pm8/10/08 2:00pm

Knight Rider Rides Again On The Today Show, Now With Added Hasselhoff

KITT made an appearance on the Today Show this morning alongside costar Justin Bruening to promote the new Knight Rider TV Movie. During the show it was revealed that David Hasselhoff will be returning as Michael Knight. Bruening also revealed the loophole that allows the new version to pick up where the old left off,… »2/15/08 11:00am2/15/08 11:00am

K.I.T.T. Joins Nancy Reagan To Say Nope To Dope!

With all the focus on the new KITT yesterday, it's good to spend some time remembering the classic KITT. Apparently in hopes of counteracting the insidious influence of Jeff Spicoli on America's impressionable youth, 80s icons Nancy Reagan, Brooke Shields, Mr. T, a talking Pontiac, and David Hasselhoff joined forces… »12/13/07 10:30am12/13/07 10:30am