This “Space Oddity” Cover From the Space Station Is Amazing

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has spent the past five months as the commander of Expedition 35 aboard the International Space Station. While in space, he's made sandwiches, washed his hands, and wrung water from a wet towel. But on Sunday afternoon, Hadfield provided the internet with his most amazing video yet:… »5/12/13 10:26pm5/12/13 10:26pm


David Bowie’s art Mini is a subversive kind of awesome

The mirror plated supercar is a quintessential part of Gulf Arab car culture, along with the Transformers Camry and the fetishistic application of negative camber. When applied by Britain’s eternal and chamaeleonic rock star David Bowie to a plain old Mini, including all its windows, it becomes something else entirely. »5/31/11 1:15pm5/31/11 1:15pm