2010 Honda Hybrid Up Close, Wearing Ford's "Dave" Smile

Honda seems to be lifting design cues directly from Ford on its new Honda hybrid » 8/18/08 12:20pm 8/18/08 12:20pm — you know, the one . We thought that grille looked familiar when we first saw it a few weeks ago, but this up close and personal image confirms it — Honda, ... Dave, Honda. Hope you two can get along after the cease-and-desists start…

Chicago Auto Show: Toyota Corolla, Meet Dave

We don't remember seeing this at SEMA, because if we had, we would have made fun of it there as well. Nonetheless, the placard claims this Toyota Corolla SE Prototype was first shown at the infamous tuner show, and we claim it was first seen somewhere in a Ford studio run by Dave "Big Balls" Horbury. Seriously — check… » 2/07/08 10:30am 2/07/08 10:30am

Peter Horbury: Still Has Big Balls, Now Believes In Magic

Peter Horbury, FoMoCo's designer of the now infamous Gillette-like "Hi, I'm Dave!" grille is not only a designer with the "big balls" necessary to design FoMoCo out of their Nasser-created product design nightmare, but now he believes in magic. That's right, the always lovable, huggable and eminently quotable Horbury… » 4/11/07 4:15pm 4/11/07 4:15pm

Spy Photos: Mini-Dave Caught In Trashy, Peekaboo Camo

The folks at some noob site called Edmunds Inside Line posted spy pics of what they purport to be the '08 Focus. Cue fevered responses from the Focus forums saying "the interior is better but the outside is meh" and "the IP looks Volvo-y." If you can't get the people who are enthusiastic enough to join a forum about… » 12/19/06 3:31pm 12/19/06 3:31pm

Ford To Show Employees And Retirees Everything But Kitchen Sink From Now Until 2010

Mark "Movie Star" Fields is making one hell of a "Bold Move" for the weekend after Thanksgiving — showing off something he's calling the "Showroom of the Future" at Detroit's Cobo Hall. The little post-turkey extravaganza is a curtain pull on FoMoCo's future product plans for Ford NorAm from now until, you know,… » 11/16/06 7:45am 11/16/06 7:45am