Super Étendard Attack Jets Make Their Last Carrier Catapult Launches Ever 

France’s only aircraft carrier, the nuclear powered Charles De Gaulle, returned to its home port in Toulon, France yesterday. Before its arrival, the Dassault Super Étendard, an aircraft that has spent nearly 40 years fighting France’s wars abroad, took its final catapult launch off an aircraft carrier.


Rafale Has Gone From Long-Time Export Flop To Huge Success In 45 Days

There is no doubt about it, the French-built Rafale fighter is on a roll. Egypt suddenly sealed a deal for 24 of the multirole fighters in February, India finally consummated a reduced initial order of 36 jets, and now Qatar will purchase 24. After 20 years, the Rafale has gone from an export zero to export hero in a…

Dassault's Diversity: A nEUROn A Falcon And A Rafale Fly Oh My!

French aircraft manufacturer Dassault shows off its distinct aircraft product categories in spectacular cinematic fashion! Seeing their nEUROn technology demonstrator unamnned combat air vehicle (UCAV), 4.75 generation Rafale fighter, and the stunning tri-motor Falcon 7X in tight formation is truly drool worthy,…