Road-Raging Truck Spins Car, Flies Off Road Into Dealership Of More Cars

Yesterday morning, a driver in Fontana captured an insane accident on his dashcam as an out of control truck struck another car, sending the car into a spin and the truck flying over an embankment, landing in a car dealership lot. The driver who got the video thinks it may be a road rage-related incident. Yikes. »10/15/15 10:05pm10/15/15 10:05pm

There's One Really Important Towing Tip These Guys Should Have Known

John’s the one getting yelled at here, but what happened isn’t all his fault. I mean, sure, some of it is, like how he’s towing these guys along at around 50 MPH and doesn’t really seem to know his Land Rover has that nice “rear window” option. But the real issue has to do with the guys in the car being pulled, who… »6/12/15 2:12pm6/12/15 2:12pm

This Is Why Racing On Wet Public Roads Is Bad Unless You Hate Lampposts

Long, dreary, rainy drives on long commutes sure are dull, right? Wouldn’t it be much more fun to spice them up with a race against a car that dares to have roughly the same color scheme as you? Sure it would. But it’s not a good idea, as this Mustang driver and an innocent street lamp found out. »5/29/15 11:55am5/29/15 11:55am

Jackass Uses Road Rage And Idiocy To Cause Two-Car-Plus-Truck Wreck

The lesson here? You don’t always have to be a dick. Sometimes, you just need to shrug off stupid shit and move on. The alternative can often end up like this, where one initial bad move by that Camaro got compounded into a three-way wreck, taking down an innocent trucker just doing their job. So what happened here? »4/27/15 2:43pm4/27/15 2:43pm