Volkswagen Little Vader's Heart Surgery Was A Success

Max Page, the 7-year-old actor who played a mini Darth Vader in Volkswagen's 2011 Superbowl spot, has emerged from open heart surgery better than new. The two-hour operation corrected a congenital heart condition that had left the mini Sith with a faulty pulmonary valve and a hole in his heart since infancy. » 6/15/12 2:30pm 6/15/12 2:30pm

Why car ads don't care about cars

Volkswagen's winning Super Bowl ad was just the tip of a massive marketing push to get Americans back in a fahrvergnügen mindset, part of its master plan to overtake Toyota as the world's largest automaker by 2018. Mike Sheldon, the head of ad agency Deutsche LA which created the spot summarized the approach above,… » 2/15/11 1:45pm 2/15/11 1:45pm