The Designer Of The Lotus C-01 Superbike Is Collaborating With Singer

Daniel Simon, the guy behind the vehicles in Tron: Legacy and the Lotus C-01, is teaming up with the air-cooled obsessives at Singer. Only good things will come of this. » 11/25/14 12:18pm 11/25/14 12:18pm

Michael Bay Is Bringing This Breathtaking SciFi Book To Life

Cosmic Motors is one of those coffee table books that seems kinda cool, you pick up on a whim, then unwittingly read cover-to-cover before it burrows into your brain meat forever. It's cars and planes and racing all rolled into a thin sci-fi storyline, and now Michael Bay is making a movie out of it. » 9/02/14 7:45pm 9/02/14 7:45pm