Here Come The Weird Legal Threats From Super Replicas

As more light has been shed on Super Replicas, the Panama-based corporation that claims to sell perfect supercar replicas on the cheap and is notorious for its laughable YouTube videos, false claims of celebrity endorsements and its shady religious fanatic founder, the company has responded with legal threats… » 4/03/13 1:47pm 4/03/13 1:47pm

This Is The Religious Extremist, Scam Artist And Accused Pedophile Behind Super Replicas

When we began our investigation into Super Replicas, the Panama-based company promising perfect supercar replicas starting at Toyota Corolla prices while using fake celebrity endorsements, one of our biggest questions was this: Who are the people behind this company? Who makes their laughable YouTube videos? Who… » 3/28/13 2:00pm 3/28/13 2:00pm