Detroit News' Danny Howes Needs To Quit Stealing Wert's Lines On Big Three "Bailout"

The Detroit News » 8/25/08 12:00pm 8/25/08 12:00pm' own most original, free-thinking business writer, Danny "Boy" Howes, has managed to say exactly what the other day without actually saying anything about Wert. Whether Howes was inspired while watching CNBC Friday or his opinions came to him in a dream, carried forth perhaps by , we'll never know,…

Always Blame Bill Clinton First: How "180 In 180" Helped Ford Go 360

The "180 in 180" plan was FoMoCo's way forward before there even was a "Way Forward." The plan, created by former Clinton pollster Mark Penn and his firm of Penn Schoen & Berland Associates, surveyed 5,000 Ford employees to ask them questions like:
» 10/11/06 10:21am 10/11/06 10:21am

So, ok, maybe not that last question — but the first two were…

Between the Lines: Daniel Howes on Presidental Help

Daniel Howes writing for The Detroit News sets the gold standard for automotive journalism. His news pieces are comprehensive, insightful, balanced and eloquent. Lately, Howes has eased-off the hard news and ramped-up his commentary. Specifically, he s written a series of columns analyzing Motown s woes, from GM s… » 2/21/06 8:06am 2/21/06 8:06am