That DAMD Escalade: Japanese Tuner Pimpage

Winding Road brings this DAMD tuning-shop madness to our attention. It's a Suzuki Every Wagon (SUPER TRANSLATION POTENTIAL!), kitted to resemble a 'Sclade. That is, the DAMD Concept B Type 1 Every DA64W, which makes it sound more like an industrial cooling fan than a fly ride. Still, other than the eggcrate grille… » 1/30/07 10:15am 1/30/07 10:15am


In Japan, while owners of the country's tiny vans have been modding them to look like VW microbuses of the 1960s, tuning shop DAMD has already moved on. The company is offering a styling kit — dubbed Locoboy — that turns a Honda Vamos into a mid-60s Dodge A-100. Well, not exactly like an A-100. (Not having those… » 1/02/07 12:14pm 1/02/07 12:14pm

i'll Be DAMD: Japanese Design Firm Hots Up the Mitsubishi i

Japanese design firm DAMD aims for SUPER UNDERBODY POTENTIAL! with its new BLACKxMETAL kit for the miniscule Mitsubishi i. The company says the three-piece package, which comprises front and rear half spoilers and side skirting, does more than just pretend to offer i drivers more downforce, it also creates… » 11/16/06 10:19am 11/16/06 10:19am

That DAMD Infiniti: Japanese Tuner Tweaks the G35 Coupe

Japanese tuning shop DAMD is offering a new package of cosmetics mods for the Infiniti G35 — a relatively new entry in its native Japan. The BlackXMetal package includes front bumper fascia and grill, a rear bumper lower valance, CIBE fog lamps, special emblems and 19" DAMD DD-7 rims and optional DSE exhaust. Of… » 10/20/06 2:46pm 10/20/06 2:46pm