Suburban Dallas Homeowners Association Won't Allow F-150 In Driveway, Welcomes Chevy Avalanche

A homeowners association in the wealthy Dallas, Texas suburb of Frisco has been sending resident Jim Greenwood threatening letters due to his insistence on parking his new Ford F-150 truck in his driveway. The gated community of Stonebriar, where Greenwood lives, doesn't allow trucks, RV's, golf carts, trailers and… »8/18/08 6:20pm8/18/08 6:20pm

More On The Jetta-Thrashing Truck Tire And Its American Victim

Last week we showed you the runaway truck tire that destroyed a poor little Jetta, and without a police report, we could only speculate as to what really happened. Given the high interest, the intrepid TexasAreHot worked to track down more information. As most of you surmised, it was a trailer tire that went AWOL at… »6/30/08 6:00pm6/30/08 6:00pm

Runaway Truck Tire Leaps Row Of Cars, Viciously Attacks Jetta

There's no better way to start the week than with a video of an 18-wheeler tire spinning out-of-control and finding a Dallas-area Volkswagen dealership as a brake. The tire miraculously manages to avoid a large chunk of the lucky dealers' inventory by leaping a row of cars, but not before finding a home in the back of… »6/23/08 8:00am6/23/08 8:00am