Dakar Rally Rescheduled to Central Europe, Next Year in South America!

After the 2008 Dakar Rally was canceled in January due to security threats, everyone wondered if and when it would return. A few days ago, this years' race was confirmed to run from April 20 to 26 in sections of Central Europe. The 3000-kilometer race will start in Budapest, head east the Romanian city of Sovata, then… »2/12/08 4:00pm2/12/08 4:00pm

Chile Offers To Host 2008 Dakar Rally, So Long As They Race Latitudinally

If you were all bummed about Al Qaeda forcing the cancelation of the Dakar Rally, have no fear. Chile is here! The South American country has offered up their exceptionally long country for the marathon race. Chile is pointing out it has the required safety, infrastructure and geography to hold such an event (and… »1/10/08 12:15pm1/10/08 12:15pm

Land Rover on the Range: Driving the Bowler Nemesis

What would happen if you took the running gear from a Range Rover Sport, crossed it with the running gear from a Land Rover Defender? You'd get the off-road rallying version of a Land Rover Sport. It's a vehicle that reminds us of the Range Stormer of 2004 concept, only with less pretense and more actual gruntability.… »10/08/07 11:15am10/08/07 11:15am