Would You Like Some Soy Sauce? Former Japanese F1 Racer To Ride The Tempura Lightning At Dakar

We've heard of ethanol (made with corn!) switchgrass-derived stuff, sugar cane-derived stuff and even biodiesels like fry oil. But this is a first for us. It seems a Japanese research team plans to enter a race car in the Dakar rally that runs on cooking oil used to fry tempura. The turbo-engine Land Cruiser 100,… »7/26/06 12:44pm7/26/06 12:44pm

Dakar Rally to Start From Lisbon, Feature Speed Limits

Forget fireworks and champagne-goggling subpar members of the opposite sex this New Year's. Instead, why not spend it bombing across Europe and North Africa in the Paris- Dakar Rally? The race, which begins New Year's Eve and continues through January 15th starts in Lisbon, Portugal this year for the first time. Also… »11/23/05 12:34pm11/23/05 12:34pm