KAMAZkaze! Tatar Hoon Trucks Galore!

Dakar rally trucks never cease to amaze us. Neither do vehicles from the former Soviet Bloc. In that spirit, we present to you footage that involuntarily made us giggle. Seeing a beefcake brick drift a dirt-road corner like that indicates the driver's testes must sport an atomic number somewhere in the transuranic… » 5/19/07 12:45am 5/19/07 12:45am

Would You Like Some Soy Sauce? Former Japanese F1 Racer To Ride The…

We've heard of ethanol (made with corn!) switchgrass-derived stuff, sugar cane-derived stuff and even biodiesels like fry oil. But this is a first for us. It seems a Japanese research team plans to enter a race car in the Dakar rally that runs on cooking oil used to fry tempura. The turbo-engine Land Cruiser 100,… » 7/26/06 12:44pm 7/26/06 12:44pm

Dakar Rally to Start From Lisbon, Feature Speed Limits

Forget fireworks and champagne-goggling subpar members of the opposite sex this New Year's. Instead, why not spend it bombing across Europe and North Africa in the Paris- Dakar Rally? The race, which begins New Year's Eve and continues through January 15th starts in Lisbon, Portugal this year for the first time. Also… » 11/23/05 12:34pm 11/23/05 12:34pm