Sweet Peet D. Opens a Can of Beans: Autoextremist on Efficiency

The Sweet Peetster invokes the 'Oo and claims that Detwa now understands not only fuel-efficiency, but true cost-per-mile efficency. We'll believe that when the interior plastics and switchgear in a Corvette feel as good and break less than those in a Civic. How could such an inversion be possible? Can't explain. » 9/14/06 12:45am 9/14/06 12:45am

Dieter Ain't Afraid Of A Big and Bad General

DaimlerChrysler's main man — the TV star, interwebs star, commercial star and keeper of all things "Step 2" told reporters today at a Tokyo news conference that he's not in the least bit worried about a General Motors and Renault-Nissan killer combo, » 7/05/06 12:06pm 7/05/06 12:06pm

The Jalopnik Morning Shift

• When we hear Delphi execs saying things like "We'll cut pay gradually," why does it remind us so much of blood-letting? [Detroit News]
• There's nothing really funny about DaimlerChrysler cutting 300 jobs in Germany, other than maybe the name of the city: "Boeblingen." Great, we found the funny! [RealTimeTraders]
•… » 3/27/06 7:30am 3/27/06 7:30am

Forbes' Worst Cars of '05

Dan Lienert makes with the need-to-know once again in exposing the worst cars of 2005, based on safety ratings, reliability rankings and residual value i.e.: Will it get you there? Will it get you there in once piece? And will anybody wanna take it off your hands once you get there. GM, Toyota, VW and BMW escaped… » 12/15/05 12:54pm 12/15/05 12:54pm