A Lunatic Put 495 Horsepower In The Back Of This Mini

The original Austin Mini is one of those motoring icons that is instantly recognizable anywhere and is known for its compact package, large usable space and cat-like reflexes. It is one of those hip cars that makes the driver cool no matter if he is Jason Bourne, Mr Bean...or the bastard love child of Chuck… » 11/07/14 12:27pm 11/07/14 12:27pm

Snakes Alive! This Plymouth Duster Has A Snake Skin Roof!

The term barn find is tossed around for any vehicle that has been abandoned or neglected for many years and is then picked up for much cheaper than a nice version. Sometimes, barn find fever strikes buyers and suddenly folks are bidding for the right to restore some pile of parts and the discount associated with… » 11/06/14 10:49am 11/06/14 10:49am

Is A Clean Porsche 924 Turbo Better Than Beater 911?

The Porsche 924 was first released in 1976 and in the ensuing years, countless negative press has been heaped on the Audi van/sedan engine used to power the lithe little coupe. In 1979 Porsche was kind enough to introduce a turbocharged version with a few more ponies and a sweet NACA duct on the hood for extra… » 11/05/14 3:10pm 11/05/14 3:10pm

It's Hammer Time In A Cheap 1999 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG

Mercedes-Benz redefined executive class performance when it released the E55 AMG in 1999 for the US Market. Sure, BMW's M5 had been around for a few generations, but it was sabre with manual gearboxes that tempted its driver to carve up corners. The AMG was a hammer, a big tire smoking cudgel meant to bludgeon… » 9/24/14 10:24am 9/24/14 10:24am

The Most Radical Citroën Dyane Buffet Tanker Truck Ever Built

I have to admit that Italy's car customization regulations are a mystery to me (having only spent time there as a tourist) but it seems that the laws must be based on Texas vehicle code and turning your Dyane in a faux tanker truck/buffet is just another weekend filled with welding fumes and cheap Chianti. » 9/17/14 4:39pm 9/17/14 4:39pm

The Best 5 BMW E39 ///M5s For Sale On The East Coast

It's 5am on a fine Monday morning, time to raise your hands in the air and count those digits. Unless you are some kind of polydactyly freak, like Anne Boleyn or Antonio "El Pulpo" Alfonseca, you will see a magic number, which in the world of BMW's M-cars, means only one thing: speed.
» 9/15/14 12:54pm 9/15/14 12:54pm

This Mialfa Romazda Is The Answer To The Question No One Asked

This is why I keep telling people that drugs are bad. The Mazda MX-5 is a fantastic automobile that brings endless smiles and a relentlessly reliable driving experience; the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider is a hauntingly beautiful car with classic street cred, unmatched in its price range. » 8/05/14 4:45pm 8/05/14 4:45pm

Ultimate C4 Corvette Cage Fight: 1991 ZR-1 Vs 1996 Grand Sport

You've got $20k budget for something sporty, what do you buy...a new V6 Mustang? Heck no!! You don't want people to think you are driving around in a rental, do ya? What you need is something that'll show the boys back at your 30th high school reunion that you made it. What you need is a Corvette. » 8/01/14 11:31am 8/01/14 11:31am

The Definitive List Of Cheap And Awesome Cars From A-to-Z

Beer cans, twizzler wrappers and tinsel litter the floor of the Daily Turismo headquarters and bath house. Yesterday was DT's 2nd birthday and what a party it was — 26 classic and cheap cars featured from A-to-Z, the alphabet of awesome. The following is the entire list from yesterday's party in case you missed it. » 7/18/14 12:19pm 7/18/14 12:19pm

All 60s Muscle Cars Look Alike, So Just Buy Something Cheap

The face on the Pontiac Bonneville reminds me of Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander doing his latest modeling pose Blue Steel which looks exactly like Magnum and his other signature looks. This '64 Bonneville looks like any number of other ragtop classics...but, it is inexpensive. » 7/16/14 1:38pm 7/16/14 1:38pm

Michele's 1973 BMW 2002 - The Schmetterling

About three years into dating my husband I decided that I really wanted to have a project car. I had spent time "helping" my mom and grandfather work on cars as I was growing up and then I had seen how much enjoyment my husband got from working on cars. I thought – hmmm I should try that. » 6/18/14 12:53pm 6/18/14 12:53pm