Generally Awful 'Get Lucky' Cover Is A Giant Nissan Versa Ad

Much to my chagrin, Daft Punk's stellar "Get Lucky" was supplanted as the Song of the Summer by Robin Thicke's grating "Blurred Lines." But now "Get Lucky" is making a big comeback in the form of... um, an awful cover used in a Nissan Versa Note ad. Uh oh. » 9/24/13 3:06pm 9/24/13 3:06pm

Daft Punk auctioning Ferrari for Japanese Disaster Relief

Daft Punk's auctioning off the 1987 Ferrari 412 from their "Electroma" video for the Red Cross Japanese Disaster Relief Fund. Buy it and you can say "Daft Punk's Ferrari is parking at my house. MY HOUSE." » 4/05/11 3:45pm 4/05/11 3:45pm

Watch Lightcycles Joust (Yes, Joust) in Daft Punk's First Tron Music…

Click to viewThe Tron trailer, perfection. The music video for the lead single off of Daft Punk's Tron soundtrack? Perfection, with a dash of digital techno funk. And jousting lightcycles, and Olivia Wilde, and 'k gotta go watch it again bye. » 12/11/10 8:04pm 12/11/10 8:04pm