DAF vs. FAF Finale: DAF Kini: The Prince of all DAFs

We promise, this is the last time Jalopnik readers will see a post about DAF for a long, long while (unless of course we can hook up a test drive of that TurboTwin X1). But, DAF beat FAF, so this is our victory lap. The, um, well, car pictured above was a gift from DAF to the Dutch Royals when prince Willem-Alexander… »12/17/06 1:30am12/17/06 1:30am

DAF vs. FAF: Storming the Beaches with the DAF Dune Buggy!!!

Rubber bands, boxer engine, fiberglass body, retro-design and a inflatable dolphin! And yeah, it's a Camino. You cannot find a hotter and/or uglier ride anywhere. I checked. Davey, you have no victory. The Dutch karate is too strong. More topless, clutchless, eyesore-ness after the jump. »12/13/06 12:00am12/13/06 12:00am

DAF vs. FAF: All the Loverman's Caminos Are Actually Belong to Johnson

In some ways, Jonny, I feel a bit like I'm cheating here, as I'm going back to the Citro n t FAF page, and I already noted part of this in your Tjorvenamino post's comments, but not only was there a FAF-Pere 2CVamino, an open-cockpit FAFamino, and an A FAF air-droppable military vehicle with Camino-esque tendencies,… »12/12/06 11:00pm12/12/06 11:00pm

DAF vs. FAF: The Dutch Beat the French: The DAF-Tjorvenamino!!!

Go ahead, dude. Seriously, go ahead and even try to front on the quadruple-radical, insane mind-breaking magnitude that is a Dutch/Swedish Camino which started life as a postal van, sports an air-cooled boxer mill and has rubber bands connecting the continuously variable tranny to the rear wheels. Just try it,… »12/12/06 9:15pm12/12/06 9:15pm

DAF vs. FAF: The Davey Made Me Do It: Swedish DAF Postal Van AKA The Tjorven!!!

Sweden's got some very bad weather. So who do they call on to deliver their mail? Answer: Not Saab. Why, it is none other than DAF! This rubber band-motivated Kalmar Verkstad rebodied DAF 44 sports the awesome air-cooled 2-cylinder 40hp boxer engine we love so much along with the righteous, clutchless Variomatic CVT.… »12/12/06 9:15pm12/12/06 9:15pm

DAF vs. FAF: Would You Rather be a Platypus or a Shark?

Not so fast, Loverman. I will concede that the DAF Swim Car is a rather impressive piece of machinery. In theory. Everyone knows that amphibious cars barely work. How many Sherman Duplex Drives ended up at the bottom of the English Channel before they reached Normandy? But a 2CV on the other hand — a 2CV can be… »12/12/06 9:00am12/12/06 9:00am

DAF vs. FAF: The Surrender Monkeys Lose: The DAF Swim Car!!

We're not even entirely sure what we're looking at. But we do know DAF has check-mated old Johnson and his French non-hackers. This dear friends, is the DAF Swim Car. It is an off-roader. It is a convertible. It has a propeller. It has four-wheel steering via a second driver who faces backward. It floats. It looks… »12/12/06 8:45am12/12/06 8:45am