When The Germans Came to Formula One

Brawn GP's inaugural 1–2 victory in Melbourne was no stranger to their engine supplier Mercedes-Benz: it was exactly the same fashion as how they debuted in Formula One in 1954 with their epic W196. » 4/02/09 4:45pm 4/02/09 4:45pm

Dodge D-50 Smokes the Baloneys

The torquey 2.6L Mitsubishi G54B four-banger was installed under the hood of a great number of vehicles, including but not limited to this rusty Dodge D-50 pickup - aka Mitsubishi Mighty Max. There are enough of these engines still running in Monteros, forklifts, K-cars, Starions, and other more industrial… » 8/24/07 3:00pm 8/24/07 3:00pm

Lancia at Laguna: D50 Runs the Monterey Historics

Imagine gargling six-penny nails and then running the resultant sound through an analog, vacuum-tube powered signal processor. Now imagine that sound being one of the best sounds you've ever heard. That, friends is the Lancia D50 bombing into a turn at Laguna Seca in the hands of Steve Tillack. He may have finished… » 8/25/06 12:00am 8/25/06 12:00am