Now You, Too, Can Own Your Very Own Professional Drifter

There's not much history to drifting in America... yet. Here's a chance to get in on the ground floor of automobilia by purchasing Takahiro Ueno's D1GP USA-spec Toyota Soarer (aka Lexus SC 400). With no drifting series for 2008 there is suddenly a need to sell the drift machines, making it one of the fastest ways to… »3/26/08 9:30am3/26/08 9:30am


Down on the D1 Grand Prix: Turbocharged Toyota Starlet

Parked on the "concourse" right next to the RS200 was an other eye-catcher. In fact, the same dude owns both cars. That's right, it's a Toyota Starlet all hopped up on goodballs. And by goofballs we mean turbocharged/intercooled goofballs. Those in the know were slapping their collective heads, wondering how on earth… »11/25/07 1:00pm11/25/07 1:00pm

D1 Grand Prix: Team Orange and the Winning EVO IX

As we mentioned, Team Orange and Nobushige Kumakubo won Saturday's international drift event at the D1 Grand Prix at Irwindale. They did so in an insanely hopped up Mitsubishi EVO IX. That cold intake pipe looks to be 4". Never mind what's happening on the hot side (i.e. bigger). We would just like to point out that… »11/25/07 12:30pm11/25/07 12:30pm

Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: Kumakubo and Tanaka Endorse Antonio's Drifting Book

With the D1GP World Championship and World All Star events rolling out at Irwindale Speedway this Saturday and Sunday, it seems only fitting to have Team Orange drivers Kumakubo and Tanaka along with Antonio Alvendia himself wish you all a jingle bells. Antonio's book Drifting: Sideways from Japan to America is… »12/15/06 5:56pm12/15/06 5:56pm

For Tire-Smoking Time, Make it Dorifto Time: Drift vs. Grip

Your friend and ours, the inimitable Starlet-hustling Starion lover, the enviable and thoroughly-mighty Bumbeck went and checked out the Drift vs. Grip event at Irwindale. Motorsports enthusiast and champion thrower of barbecues, Cole Coonce tagged along and summed it up thusly:
»9/02/06 12:30am9/02/06 12:30am

We once threw our old roommate's…