Down on the D1 Grand Prix: Ford RS200

Oh snap, Jalopnik went drifting. We were there live when Japan's Nobushige Kumakubo and his Team Orange EVO won five rounds of Sudden Death! to capture the crown. And we'll get to that, in good time. But, Jalopnik being Jalopnik, our palms got way sweatier looking at this baby than they did watching three hours of… » 11/25/07 8:30am 11/25/07 8:30am

Jalopnik at the D1 Grand Prix, Day Two: Finals

[Las Vegas stringer Curtis Walker, who hasn't yet sublimated in the desert heat despite short odds to the contrary, brings us day two of the 2007 D1 Grand Prix.]. Narratively, we're always drawn to both underdogs and classic, rear-drive Japanese cars. So we caught up with John Russakoff to get the lowdown on his 1984… » 7/15/07 2:41pm 7/15/07 2:41pm

Jalopnik at the D1 Grand Prix, Day One: Practice

[Our Las Vegas stringer Curtis Walker is on scene making with the photos and words — ed.] With temps pegged in the triple digits by Friday afternoon, the air above the Las Vegas Motor Speedway hinted at a firestorm. The Formula D Grand Prix is in town, and that means wafts of tire smoke and smolder hanging over the… » 7/14/07 8:38am 7/14/07 8:38am