Jalopnik at the D1 Grand Prix, Day Two: Finals

[Las Vegas stringer Curtis Walker, who hasn't yet sublimated in the desert heat despite short odds to the contrary, brings us day two of the 2007 D1 Grand Prix.]. Narratively, we're always drawn to both underdogs and classic, rear-drive Japanese cars. So we caught up with John Russakoff to get the lowdown on his 1984… » 7/15/07 2:41pm 7/15/07 2:41pm

Jalopnik at the D1 Grand Prix, Day One: Practice

[Our Las Vegas stringer Curtis Walker is on scene making with the photos and words — ed.] With temps pegged in the triple digits by Friday afternoon, the air above the Las Vegas Motor Speedway hinted at a firestorm. The Formula D Grand Prix is in town, and that means wafts of tire smoke and smolder hanging over the… » 7/14/07 8:38am 7/14/07 8:38am