Two Modified Cadillac CTS-V Coupes Tear Up Long Beach

IndyCar driver J.R. Hildebrand and Formula D drifter Tyler McQuarrie are no strangers to the Long Beach street circuit. What happens when the Cadillac tuners at D3 give them almost 1,500 horsepower's worth of CTS-V Coupes and let them loose? » 4/24/12 1:00pm 4/24/12 1:00pm

New York Auto Show Preview: Ford Flex To Show Pecs In The Big Apple

Yup. The big product news from Dearborn will be FoMoCo flexing their minivan-muscle with the Flex. We've heard it's built on a stretched D3 chassis — the same one that underpins the Taurus and the Taurus X. We've also heard it's got standard doors (Hat tip to Grimace on that one!) It's actually the one part of the… » 3/23/07 9:20am 3/23/07 9:20am

Tuning Green: Alpina D3

A few months back, longtime commenter Mattias (of Regards, Mattias fame) hipped us to Alpina's D3, the venerable BMW collaborator's take on the BMW 320d. Now, the D3's on the radar of Green Car Congress, which lauds the D3's high mileage and low C02 rating and Euro-4 compliance via particulate filter. Alpina applies… » 9/07/06 7:57am 9/07/06 7:57am

Lincoln D3 Concept Images Linked

Another day, another leaked Detroit concept-car image. This time it's the Lincoln D3 concept, an apparent harbinger of one of the two new models Lincoln has up its gabardine sleeve. Likely named for the platform that will underpin the upcoming sedans, an LS replacement and a longer-wheelbase flagship, based on the… » 12/29/05 11:03am 12/29/05 11:03am