For $8,000, riding the storm out

While Hurricane Irene has brought a world of hurt to the eastern seaboard this past weekend, not all storms are as disastrous nor expensive. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe contender is a Cyclone named Cale, and while it's more NASCAR than FEMA, will its price rain on your parade? » 8/29/11 8:00am 8/29/11 8:00am

Mercury Cyclone Beach Party!

The Cyclone Assassination film just didn't provide enough Cyclonic goodness, so here's a grooo-ooovy FoMoCo promo film featuring the '68 Cyclone GT with the 390 engine. » 1/10/10 1:00pm 1/10/10 1:00pm

What's The Ultimate Pizza Delivery Vehicle?

Back when I was a young Anteater, I was able to make a few bucks wrenching on fellow students' cars, but- in spite of living in a campus trailer park for 75 bucks a month- economic reality dictated that I get some sort of "real" job. So, I took a gig delivering pizzas to rich folks in Newport Beach in my Competition… » 5/15/08 11:40am 5/15/08 11:40am

1964 Mercury Comet Cyclone, With Bonus Mercury Poll

I enjoy the nice, shiny, well-preserved cars in this series, of course, but I really love me some beaters! Cars that haven't been coddled for one minute of their decades-long lives! This Cyclone is one of my all-time favorite Alameda cars; an original 289/4-speed machine, it's been roaring around the island for at… » 4/30/08 9:00am 4/30/08 9:00am

HAMANN Cyclone Porsche Cayenne: Nothing Says Speed Like Snakeskin

We'd say this new Porsche Cayenne was to die for, but then it turns out there are people willing to die for a Porsche Cayenne. Well, that and it's kind of hideous. Something about this HAMANN Cyclone body kit just doesn't quite work. Maybe it's that sort of M5-esque front bumper. Maybe it's the unnecessarily large… » 1/30/08 5:45pm 1/30/08 5:45pm

Cadillac to 1959: We Gotcha Jet Age Right Here

Like getting the double guns from your least favorite uncle, Cadillac blasted the unsuspected public with the faux double jet-engined 1959 Cyclone concepts. Looking like a cross between a land speeder and the Thrust SCC, these jet age beasts comes in two flavors: bubble top and befinned or convertible and flat… » 7/02/07 12:00pm 7/02/07 12:00pm

Down On The Street: '66 Mercury Comet Cyclone

Even though I grew up worshiping 60s Detroit muscle cars, I'm left a little cold by the tedious sameness of the ones I spot on the street today. If it's not a '66 Mustang or '69 Camaro, it's gonna be a '68-'72 GM A-Body or maybe a Mopar E-Body. Most of the Javelins, Dart GTs, and the like have been crushed by now,… » 4/06/07 10:05am 4/06/07 10:05am

Ass-Kicking Mercury Of The Day: Race Cars!

Enough Mercury-themed gloom and doom! In spite of FoMoCo's indistinct branding and forgotten-stepchild neglect of their once-proud "personal luxury" division, plenty of gasoline-pumping hearts have beat faster when their owners mashed the gas on a heated-up Mercury. Left turners! Quarter-milers! Dirt-trackers! You… » 3/27/07 10:04am 3/27/07 10:04am