International's CXT Ain't Just For East Coast Extreme SUV'ers

And we thought it was just lilly-livered East Coast Richie Rich-types sportin' love of the CXT, International's extreme truck-o-saurus. Apparently, you can even find this beast of burden in agri-towns like Kalamazoo, MI — which is where Jalopnik tipster Erin R. snapped these shots. Apparently, International Trucks is… » 5/10/06 9:08am 5/10/06 9:08am

Duck and Cover: International CXT Spotted

Not since we spied James Gandolfini eating a hot dog in New York City have we considered the phrase, "Hooha! That Mofo is freaking huge!" In his monstrous hands, that wiener looked like a Vienna sausage wrapped in a Band-Aid. Now, blogger The Comedian has caught a shot of the ber-pickup International CXT on the road… » 5/08/06 12:05pm 5/08/06 12:05pm

International to Unveil New Extreme Pickup

Nothing says "I can crush you into recyclables" like a rainbow of pastels. It may be hard to tell from the photo, but truckbulder International's CXT extreme pickup on display in Chicago has the most darling paint scheme, encompassing light gray, peach and teal. The only thing missing is a unicorn poster hung in the… » 2/08/06 4:59pm 2/08/06 4:59pm