A Manual CVT Is Both The Best And Worst Automotive Idea Ever

As most of us know by now, the CVT is no longer a rarely-seen Dutch unicorn, like a discarded Vermeer or an Amsterdam sex worker in Nashville. They're becoming the norm on many cars, and in many ways they're much better than the slushboxes they replace. Even so, it's still worth asking: could you have a manual one? »12/13/13 1:26pm12/13/13 1:26pm


DAF vs. FAF: Nailing Shut Davey G's Coffin; The DAF 66 YA

Around the time Nixon resigned, the Dutch military realized that they were wasting an awful lot of money for all-wheel drive Jeeps that never left the pavement. If Luxemburg should attack, something less potent would do just fine. So the brass commissioned the best (and only) clutch-thieving Dutch carmaker to create… »12/11/06 9:15pm12/11/06 9:15pm

DAF vs. FAF: Kicking Davey G. in the FAF: The DAF Pony is Quite Simply the Radness

We hate saying it Davey, but all your FAFaminos are now belongs to us. Actually, with this post we will state that all Frenchcaminos are now the sole property of us, too. The Pony pictured is mechanically identical to the regular DAF micro-car (2-banger air-cooled boxer mill, CVT with rubber bands powering the… »12/11/06 8:00pm12/11/06 8:00pm

There's Free Love in Amsterdam: Jalopnik Hearts DAF Ads!

We're really not convinced that a cooler all-around car has ever existed. First of all it's from Holland. Not only is that unique for a car brand, but, like, red light district, dude. Second of all, these tulip tiptoeing micro-cars have their wheels driven by rubber bands. Thirdly, at one point they dropped the model… »12/11/06 9:00am12/11/06 9:00am

Hit-and-Run Transmission: Nissan's Continuously Variable Future

Get Leonardo DaVinci on the horn, he may be in for some royalty cash. Edmunds Inside Line is reporting on Nissan's move to make continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) — a design for which showed up in ol' Lenny's notebooks — the norm on many of its models. The company plans to produce upward of 1 million CVTs per… »10/04/05 9:03am10/04/05 9:03am