Watch This Tiny Car Get Insane Air Off The Coolest Miniature Jumps

If you applied the focus and care a bonsai master tends his tiny trees with, except you were making a small-scale off-road track, you'd end up with this. And holy crap does it look like fun, just watch that little car rip! » 2/02/15 9:59am 2/02/15 9:59am

Four-Year-Old Fulfills His Dream 'To Be A UPS Man' And It's Adorable

UPS has declared open defiance of child-labor laws; allowing four-year-old Carson Kight to deliver packages in a pint-size brown box truck. The kid was elated, and you can't watch his "Day As A Delivery Driver" without cracking a smile. » 12/05/14 11:46am 12/05/14 11:46am

Here's The Cutest Police Dog Wearing The Tiniest Bulletproof Vest

Nine-Week-Old German Shepard "Tuco," ironically named after Breaking Bad villain Tuco Salamanca, doesn't even fit into this doggie-sized bulletproof vest yet (squee!), but I bet he'll fit into your heart.Look at those little paws! » 10/28/14 4:38pm 10/28/14 4:38pm

Watch A Dog Surf A Car Down A Road Overrun By Cows

The animal uprising appears to be going strong on the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba. Looks like a great place to get away from your boring old crate and kibble! » 10/26/14 3:38pm 10/26/14 3:38pm

Lost & Hound – Airline Beagle Finds Your Phone And Steals Your Heart

Many of us have had that awful, helpless feeling upon realizing we left something on a plane. Dutch airline KLM has the most adorable helper in a Beagle named Sherlock, who is trained to sprint through the airport and return your lost items. (UPDATE: It's a hoax.) » 9/24/14 12:32pm 9/24/14 12:32pm

What To Do When A Puppy Gets Stuck In Your Car's Wheel

Junior the pit bull puppy managed to wedge his head through the hub of a Dayton style wire wheel straight off a The Game album cover. Poor little pup, but thankfully the solution was an easy one. » 6/23/14 5:33pm 6/23/14 5:33pm

Watch An Enormous Wild Bear Casually Sit Down, Hang Out With A Human

Drew Hamilton, an Alaska Department Of Fish & Game tech, was chillin' by one of the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary's waterways when a gigantic bear came lumbering over to his campsite, sat down, hung out, and went on his way. » 6/19/14 3:25pm 6/19/14 3:25pm

Tiny Truck Vs. Cute Dog

"Aurthur" the dog hates this remote control truck. Or maybe he loves it. Either way, he wants to eat it real bad but the truck isn't about to sit around and be devoured. Cuteness and hilarity ensue. » 6/18/14 5:43pm 6/18/14 5:43pm

Little kid falls asleep in his toy car and ends up driving in circles

Yep, we totally understand you kid. Sometimes when the sun is beating down too hard and the day of fun has gone on a little too long and you're oddly comfortable in an uncomfortable position, you just fade away without a care in the world. It is a hammock's rest. It is ice melting in an umbrella drink. It is this kid… » 5/30/14 9:26pm 5/30/14 9:26pm

Camera buggy takes the cutest photos of lion cubs I've ever seen

Nikon ambassador Chris McLennan and engineer Carl Hansen have created a small remote controlled four-wheel drive rover to roam the savanna and capture photos of curious lions, like the cute pride above. It's pretty neat. Watch it in action here. » 11/25/13 10:23am 11/25/13 10:23am

Japan Has the Cutest Construction Signs You'll Ever See

Road construction isn't what I would call "cute". It's hard work. Dangerous. Sweaty. There's nothing cute about that. Japan, however, might beg to differ. » 7/11/13 8:50am 7/11/13 8:50am

Watch A Smart Car Lead Texas Police On The World's Most Adorable Police…

Houston area police were involved in the cutest police chase ever this morning when a Smart Convertible led cops around the highways outside the city. » 8/01/12 2:00pm 8/01/12 2:00pm

No Criminal Can Escape...Lil' RoboCop

The year is 2010. Detroit is a crime-ridden carcass of the gleaming metropolis it once was. The city only has one hope. And he's 2 years old. » 10/29/10 11:15am 10/29/10 11:15am

How To Get Jenson Button to Sign Your Race Carrot

Lili is an 8-year-old Hungarian girl who blogs in English (!). She drew a rabbit driving a race carrot and got McLaren’s world champion driver Jenson Button to sign it. This is her ultra-cute story. » 8/03/10 4:00pm 8/03/10 4:00pm

Vanity Fair Compares Lincoln MKS To Cunnilingus-Mouthed Walrus

Jalopnik super friend Brett Berk recently penned a wisecracking story comparing ten well-known cars to "adorable" animals. The Lincoln MKS made the list, although we're not quite sure how walruses are adorable. [Vanity Fair] » 7/22/10 5:15pm 7/22/10 5:15pm

Nissan Pino Has Young Japanese Women In Its Fluffy Pink Crosshairs

Sure, deny its cuteness. Point out that it's just a badge-engineered Suzuki Alto. It wouldn't matter; hordes of 20-year-old Japanese women would still trample you in their rush to buy the cutest goddamn car $8600 can buy. Equipped with sparkly snowflake hubcaps, pink bear-shaped cushions, and upholstery embossed with… » 3/20/07 10:15am 3/20/07 10:15am