Short film: Having a one-minute time machine is hilariously useful

Here’s the problem with time travel, we always dream too big and think about going back in time to see dinosaurs (they’ll eat you) or gladiators (they’ll kill you) or other important moments in history (they’ll all be racist). Fact: Life sucked back then! You wouldn’t want to go back. It’s way better to go back one… »7/08/15 2:00pm7/08/15 2:00pm


Little kid falls asleep in his toy car and ends up driving in circles

Yep, we totally understand you kid. Sometimes when the sun is beating down too hard and the day of fun has gone on a little too long and you're oddly comfortable in an uncomfortable position, you just fade away without a care in the world. It is a hammock's rest. It is ice melting in an umbrella drink. It is this kid… »5/31/14 3:39pm5/31/14 3:39pm

Nissan Pino Has Young Japanese Women In Its Fluffy Pink Crosshairs

Sure, deny its cuteness. Point out that it's just a badge-engineered Suzuki Alto. It wouldn't matter; hordes of 20-year-old Japanese women would still trample you in their rush to buy the cutest goddamn car $8600 can buy. Equipped with sparkly snowflake hubcaps, pink bear-shaped cushions, and upholstery embossed with… »3/20/07 10:15am3/20/07 10:15am