The definitive Saturn V cutaway you always wanted on your wall

I know you all loved "The Most Detailed Saturn V Cutaway" on Io9 a few weeks ago, because, of course, that was amazing. But hey, here is a little something from me to all of you, who adore her majesty. » 3/18/14 11:34am 3/18/14 11:34am

LA Auto Show: Saturn Hybrid Vue Photon Powered!

Fresh on the heels of the Lexus hybrid powered by tubes of captured light itself is this Saturn Vue, obviously harnessing the power of mere photons. The cutaway clearly shows multicolored bands of light coursing through the powerplant of this super advanced Saturn hybrid. We suspect dilithium crystals are at the… » 12/01/06 9:36am 12/01/06 9:36am

LA Auto Show: Hybrid Harnesses Power of Light

We're always drawn in like moths to a buzzing street lamp to car show cutaways. This Lexus GS350h intensified the effect by using strategically placed neon tubes to demonstrate how the ultra efficient hybrid drive transfers power through the vehicle as required by its various systems. Lexus has apparently harnessed… » 11/30/06 10:36am 11/30/06 10:36am