Beautiful video highlights the hot rods and customs of Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas is one of the most famous traditional hot rod and custom car shows in the world. Held in Vegas every spring, the show usually brings out some of the most interesting hot rods and customs the West Coast has to offer. Luckily filmmaker Josh Clason produced this well shot video capturing some of the… » 5/21/11 10:00am 5/21/11 10:00am

Real Cool Cliche to Happen in Las Vegas in October

Okay, let's get this straight right off the bat: we love traditional hot rods and customs. We love Carl Perkins. We love the Blasters. And we think girls in sexy outfits "inspired" by the fashions of the '50s are really freakin' hot. But we're entirely sick of this whole rockabilly badass lifestyle. Case in point, we… » 7/21/05 1:43pm 7/21/05 1:43pm