US Airways Flight Attendant Refused To Hang Army Ranger's Jacket

Passengers on a U.S. Airways flight from Portland, Oregon to Charlotte, North Carolina are sharing an outrageous story of disrespect from a flight attendant toward an Army Ranger and combat veteran. He asked to have his "Dress Blues" uniform jacket hung, but the flight attendant refused, citing company policy. »10/10/14 3:03am10/10/14 3:03am

Dealership Finds A Way To Pay Salespeople Even If The Deal Dries Up

Carlos Uruchurtu, general manager of George Chevrolet in LA, had a problem, his hard-working sales staff would do their best to get a customer into a car only to have the deal fall through when it came time to get a loan. Uruchurtu came up with a plan to pay his staff even if a customer didn't drive home with a car. »8/01/14 4:01pm8/01/14 4:01pm

Money Saving Phone Calls: How to Optimize Your Car Insurance Rate

How many times have you logged into one of your credit card or bank accounts and seen a bogus charge or late fee appear out of nowhere? You wanted to call the company right away and have them refund your money, but you had no idea what to say to get the fee waived. So you just let it slide. Time after time. »12/05/13 9:21am12/05/13 9:21am

What Dealerships Could Learn From Baby Stores

Recently I had to purchase a new stroller for my son. The buying experience, was surprisingly pleasant. So much so that I think some car dealerships could learn a thing or two. Juan Barnett wrote a great piece on how it is the people that make or break a purchasing experience. He was right, and it doesn't matter if… »11/01/13 11:10am11/01/13 11:10am

This Jeep Owner Vandalized His Own Car In A Dealership Protest

They do things a little differently in the Middle East. After waiting since April 16th for parts for his Jeep from the dealer, a man in the State of Kuwait spraypainted complaints about the dealership all over his Jeep and parked it right in front of their door. It's a "I will blind my eye if it mars your sight" kind… »5/10/12 10:30am5/10/12 10:30am

J.D. Power: Car Dealership Customer Satisfaction Improves, Jaguar Comes Out On Top Again

According to the 28th annual J.D. Power and Associates Customer Service Index, car dealerships rose in customer satisfaction so far this year, due mostly to an increased satisfaction with repair work. Overall, two-thirds of the 37 brands ranked experienced gains in customer satisfaction. Dealer service overall… »7/18/08 12:15pm7/18/08 12:15pm