Proof new car dealerships were a lot weirder in the 1970s

Nothing says it's 1970s like the line of custom vans sitting in front of Hayward Dodge in Hayward, Ca. We found this gem while looking through the awesome gallery of vintage car dealerships where we found yesterday's picture of Lancaster Lincoln Mercury. » 11/13/11 11:00am 11/13/11 11:00am

Dream Factory Blow Papa Rider

The other day we showed you some cute little Japanese Kei cars converted to look like vintage American vans. Turns out they were the creation of a company called Dream Factory Blow. They're sort of an American-style surfing-obsessed customizing shop, but since they're in Japan, they work their magic on JDM rides. While … » 5/01/08 1:40pm 5/01/08 1:40pm

R.I.P. Greg of Akron

We have received the sad news that Greg of Akron, creator of some of the most super-cosmic custom vans of the Van Era, died last week at the age of 66. Since he was such a crucial cultural icon, we think the US Postal Service ought to issue a special commemorative stamp with some of Greg's artwork; email them and join… » 4/11/07 11:24am 4/11/07 11:24am

JC Whitney '75: Hauntingly Beautiful Vinyl Van Murals By Greg of Akron

Hang on to your mood rings, swingin' studs and feathered foxes, because Murilee's got himself a 1975 JC Whitney catalog! And within that catalog are some wonderful things that make me get back to work on the half-finished time machine in the basement. For example, look at what $7.95 or $12.95 would get you: a genuine… » 2/20/07 8:17am 2/20/07 8:17am