How To Sell A Chopper A Little Too Hard

With the well of disposable income drying up, the "custom" chopper fad is waning hard. So, pitching a "Super Chopper" to "make every second of your life absolutely wonderful and truly extraordinary" smacks of desperation. » 8/06/09 4:30pm 8/06/09 4:30pm

Beautiful Hand-Made Wooden Vespa

The Vespa scooter has a classically appreciable shape. Portuguese craftsman Carlos Alberto managed to fashion one from laminated hardwood. The result is stunningly beautiful. » 1/20/09 3:30pm 1/20/09 3:30pm

BMW Lo Rider Previews New Era Of Factory Customs

While hordes of Hawaiian shirt-wearing enthusiasts are descending on Vegas for SEMA » 11/04/08 12:30pm 11/04/08 12:30pm, there’s actually another, slightly classier show taking place half-way around the world in Milan. EICMA is one of the biggest motorcycle shows of the year and, so far, there’s not a tribal paint scheme in sight. The best concept so…

Newstalgia Wheels' Steampunk Chopper

David Coker is an easy talking fellow from Tennessee with a passion for blending the old and the new. His company, Newstalgia Wheel, deals in all those classic style wheels you just gotta have for your hot rod. As a means of showing off those new old stock wheels, he's brought a just finished custom chopper up to the … » 3/11/08 3:00pm 3/11/08 3:00pm