'Worlds Quickest/Fastest 6spd Supra in the World' on eBay

Okay, the ad for this car reads like something that would be placed in the Recycler if Coach Z had replaced Kyle Gass in Tenacious D and they were looking to fill out the band. But still, 1400+ horsepower at the rear wheels and times in the mid-eights at over 170? That's serious business, friends. Nevertheless we… »12/02/06 4:30am12/02/06 4:30am

ALUMINUM UND SHTEEL! TUNED! Mit Extra Bruce! The Oettinger TT

The bwahs und grills at Oettinger have taken the new Audi TT under their wing and slapped on a body kit and dug into the 2.0 turbo mill to add sort of extra boost to the formerly Bauhausian and now rather butch little Rabbit-based car constructed of a hybrid of aluminum und shteel. Besides the ber-precise 350… »12/02/06 1:15am12/02/06 1:15am

World's Fastest Fish: AC Schnitzer's BMW Tension Breaks BMW Speed Record

AC Schnitzer's Tension concept hit 206 mph on the Nardo test track in Southern Italy, stopping far short of schooling the Brabus Rocket Mercedes CLS, which peaked at 227 mph during the same AutoBild magazine showdown. But it's enough for the AC boys to call their creation the world's fastest street-legal production… »11/28/06 12:30pm11/28/06 12:30pm

Do Not Front on My Brabus, Nor Should You Front upon Mein Bruce: Claus Ettenberger's Florida Shop Due in February

We like Claus Ettenberger, a man who can rock a Hugo Boss cap without irony, and will complete a cross-country rally as fast as possible simply to have time to shower, say hello to his family and then head up to Ventura to play fu ball. As an official installer of all things Brabus and AC Schnitzer, not to mention… »11/22/06 9:30pm11/22/06 9:30pm

Top Loder: Dressing up an Aston Martin V8 Vantage in Couture

Who would have thought the bespectacled Bavarians at Loder 1899 could improve the sexiness of the Brits' latest Emma Peel, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage? But while the eyes have it, the wallet might as well take a powder. This is a purely high-end treatment, with an titanium suspension system that allows the driver to… »11/16/06 9:20am11/16/06 9:20am

Sheikh Your Moneymaker: Gemballa Mirage GT Concept for Sale in Dubai

And we didn't even known Porsche tuner Gemballa actually built the Mirage GT concept, which up to know only seemed to exist as a few static digitally enhanced images on the company's site. Now, it seems royals in Dubai, flush from their real estate and trade holdings, can grab a Mirage with both hands. The kitted-out… »11/15/06 8:48am11/15/06 8:48am