C/D Drinks Up All the Hennessey John's Got On His Shelf: Grand Cherokee …

The Grand Cherokee SRT8 is already somewhat of a sleeper. Certainly, those in the know recognize its prodigious performance. But what happens when one sends one's Jeep off to Hennessey for a 27k tune-up? Epic soccer-mom-look hoonage available at a stab of the loud pedal to the tune of 620hp and 650 turbocharged… » 3/06/07 7:15pm 3/06/07 7:15pm

From Bucket to Binary: Morrison Corvette Scanned into Gran Turismo

3400 hours of work and three years is a long time. That's about how long it took Art Morrison Enterprises to take what was essentially a basket case 1960 Chevrolet Corvette and turn it into a machine worthy not only of Art and Craig Morrison's high standards of finish and performance, but also of the Next Edition… » 2/21/07 10:00am 2/21/07 10:00am

We're Going Around Picking Up Our Jaw: SUPER BRUCE POTENTIAL!

Dear Brian Scotto, if you weren't our hero before for owning a Quantum Coupe or being really, really goddamn tall or pulling obscene donuts in Beverly Hills in a Z06, you certainly are now. We mean, really. An AMG Galant? Admittedly, an Affalterbach-massaged, Hammer-hammering Starionamino might likely be the ultimate… » 1/18/07 10:14pm 1/18/07 10:14pm

For a Fistful of Evos

The Sport Compact Car boys headed out to Kershaw, SC for an all-Evo-all-the time tuner shootout featuring two classes: Street, for cars under 400hp, and Unlimited, for full-race, stripped and caged monsters. Interestingly, the fastest street car was only 1.3 slower than the slower of the two Unlimited cars around the… » 1/02/07 11:15pm 1/02/07 11:15pm

Bruce Goes to Malaysia: Brabus to Offer Quick Tuning Service in Bangsar

The evil masterminds at Brabus began their quest for the domination of Malaysia's roadways back in 2000, and with the opening of the Naza Group's new Bangsar facility, will begin offering a quick-tuning service that only takes a few hours. According to Naza executive vice-president of operations Faisal Nasimuddin,… » 1/02/07 8:30pm 1/02/07 8:30pm

Right in the Nose: Racedesign's Audi A6 Makeover

There are a million stories in the naked city. Folks buy an expensive German sedan just as the company launches a new generation. We've seen the symptoms, as jealousy gives way to indignation ("Yuck. They've ruined it!) Secretly, however, there's a longing for smoother lines, radical noses and uprated mechanicals. Now,… » 12/28/06 7:39am 12/28/06 7:39am

Ever See a Flying Bus? EDO's Porsche Cayenne Tuner

Okay, its arguable to consider the Porsche Cayenne's true antecedent to be the VW bus, especially when the Stuttgartian SUV can be tweaked into performing such feats of strength (just in time for Festivus). As we mentioned back in November, Edo's highly tweaked, twin-turbo Cayenne seemed from the spec sheet to be…

» 12/27/06 10:45am 12/27/06 10:45am

Try That with an Enzo: Gemballa Mirage GT

What makes some exotics tuneable, and others off limits? Though the Carrera GT is now just another discontinued hypersports car, like the Ferrari Enzo and Ford GT, those of means treat it like an amusement park. Unlike the Enzo, there's no shame in tweaking out a $400,000 Carrera GT to within an inch of its existence — … » 12/19/06 7:33am 12/19/06 7:33am

No Stone Untuned: The Hamann Ferrari 599 GTB

Prancing horse purists may have to leave the room when they get a look at what Hamann's done with Ferrari's top-of-mast 599 GTB. The average fan of exotics, however, is best positioned to appreciate Hamman's judiciousness with the body kit action on this, the company's latest Ferrari-based tuning job. No over-the-top… » 12/14/06 12:45pm 12/14/06 12:45pm

Newly Tuned Skyline for Tokyo Salon: Tommykaira GT

Japanese tuning shop Tommykaira is best known for jucing domestic-market Nissan Skylines to within an inch of their lives. Now, with Nissan having launched its latest Skyline — the JDM equivalent of the Infiniti G35 — they've worked up the Tommykaira GT, which is destined for unveiling at the Tokyo Auto Salon in… » 12/14/06 8:13am 12/14/06 8:13am

No Bed, No Breakfast, Just Hot Hatches: The B&B Audi A3

Audi tuning shop B&B turned its attention toward the late-model A3, cranking the nutter dial up to 362 hp. The company is intent on turning hardware from Ingolstadt into Porsche beaters, and its new hatch, in the highest stage of tune, gets to 62 mph in just 4.9 seconds and on up to nearly 171 mph. The mods include a… » 12/13/06 9:25am 12/13/06 9:25am

Car Hack's Notebook: Reporting on Porsches from the Essen Show

At a show where pure lunacy struggles to get through the door, it was always going to be tough to pick out a star, but that's the job and ignoring the more obvious option here it is: The Mission 400 Plus. Now why this modified Porsche above the countless others that littered the show? Well how's about the basic figures … » 12/04/06 3:04pm 12/04/06 3:04pm