I am Da Bee, Like, From Nature: Orange Art Car Parade

The TransportTrendies have a few pics snapped at the Orange Art Car Parade, including this Beemobile. Click over and check it out. The Sunflower car looks like something Ed Roth would've come up with if he didn't hate hippies. It also looks like it would be ridiculously, swelteringly hot to drive. The Beemobile,… »5/23/06 11:30pm5/23/06 11:30pm

Ford Focus—Based Landspeeder Replica for Sale on eBay

To those of you enjoying a holiday in Southwest England, might we recommend Royal Crescent, Poultney Bridge and the Bath Rugby Club? (Tell 'em Nigel sent you.) While you're there, might we further recommend you check out this replica of a Star Wars Landspeeder one local boy currently has up on eBay? It's based on a… »3/29/06 12:02pm3/29/06 12:02pm