SEMA 2007: Twin-Turbo LS1 V7 Super Coupe in Vegas

The night and day efforts of three guys over the course of six months is under the lights here in sin city. Twin turbos on the LS1 helped twist the dyno to to read 1067 horsepower and 980 foot pounds of torque and make the V7 Super Coupe, as Phil from American Super Car put it - a D9 Cat in Corvette clothing. Right… » 10/31/07 4:00pm 10/31/07 4:00pm

SEMA 2007: Quadracycle!

Attempting to move quickly away from the country karaoke guy sitting and singing Eastbound and Down to electronic accompaniment from PA mounted to the lift gate of his pickup found us in short proximity of the none other than the Bourget's Bike Works Quadracycle. Passerby reaction seemed to be split between man that's… » 10/30/07 6:00pm 10/30/07 6:00pm


Every now and again we have to revisit the reasons sinking endless hours and buckets of coinstar trappings into our rides somehow worth the effort. Last week we motored down to Torrance from Montrose in the mighty Starion for some wrenching, a late cobb salad down at the Hof's Hut, and to pick up a turbo heat shield… » 10/29/07 2:30pm 10/29/07 2:30pm

La Vida Lowrider: Cruising the City of Angels

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is hosting a selection of the city denizen's automotive creations that defy the soulless mechanicals of modern commuter boxes by proudly representing the culture and families that crafted the machines. While one group of post WW2 hooligan Angelenos were seeking higher… » 10/26/07 6:30pm 10/26/07 6:30pm

SEMA 2007: Small Block Chevy Quadracycle

Featuring such luxury amenities as power rack and pinion steering and a 425 horsepower 383 cubic-inch Chevrolet small block is the Bourget's Shredder F-80 Quadracycle. This beast is designed to attract that group of the motorgoing public that wants to ride a motorcycle, but can't be bothered screwing around with just… » 10/26/07 3:00pm 10/26/07 3:00pm

SEMA 2007: V7 Super Coupe Rolling to Vegas

The thrashing has ended on one end of the country for the American Super Car crew. With the fiberglass dust finally settled in the shop, the V7 Super Coupe has been loaded onto the transporter and is on its way to sin city for some twin-turbo mid-engine Corvette mayhem at the Meguiar's booth at SEMA. Looks like the… » 10/26/07 2:15pm 10/26/07 2:15pm

SEMA 2007: Big Daddy and Mopar to Burn Nitro Again

Big Daddy Don Garlits has always liked his Chryslers. He stuck with the hemispherical variety of engine even when the dark forces of moneyed sponsorship tried to convince him otherwise. Back in May we found out that he continues to enjoy stuffing hemis down into the framerails. The Swamp Rat XII is now finished and… » 10/26/07 1:00pm 10/26/07 1:00pm

Manta in Frankfurt, But Where's the Foxtail?

While stalking the nether regions of the Frankfurt Auto Show, Kapitan Bumbeck stumbled across this fine example of a Manta GT/E. This '79 model features a rousing 105 Pferdestarker and a bodykit wide enough to plug the Fulda Gap; we're grooving hard on the period BBS wheels. The question is, would Jimmy McRae drive… » 9/18/07 2:30pm 9/18/07 2:30pm

Dad's Turbo Dodge Caravan

From the 800-dollar turbocharged minivan department comes this 1989 Dodge Caravan SE with genuine simulated woodgrain trim. Along with doing toasty burnouts, the minivan has run the quarter mile in 12.65 seconds at Route 66 Dragway thanks to a set of slicks and 24 pounds of boost pushing through the stock 140K plus… » 9/07/07 3:00pm 9/07/07 3:00pm

1-in-5 Youngsters Dig Muscle Cars

Results of a survey of magazine readers compiled by SEMA are in, and showing that 1-in-5 fans of hot rods, customs, and muscle cars are in their teens and twenties. The automotive lifestyle survey was sent to readers of Hot Rod, Motor Trend, Popular Hot Rodding, and Rod & Custom along with other Primedia titles. 19.7%… » 9/06/07 3:00pm 9/06/07 3:00pm

In Russia, Devil Runs With YOU!

Allegedly, this modified Lada 2108 is supposed to look like a Diablo, but to us, it carries a distinctly Espada vibe. Or maybe that of an Islero. Whatever the case, it's yet another wonderful depiction as to what can happen to a man when armed only with a Lada, too much time on his hands, a set of tools from Gorky's… » 8/07/07 2:30pm 8/07/07 2:30pm

Bonneville Oder Bankrott Machen! Blown Teutonic Belly Tanker

Somewhere between Nebraska and California these guys scored an auxiliary fuel tank previously attached to a 1944 American Republic P-47 Thunderbolt. The tank was shipped back to Germany, where it met up with an early hemi, a roots blower, some Merc running gear, and giant tiki head with a 13 on its forehead. The… » 8/06/07 1:00pm 8/06/07 1:00pm

Coop Scores Speed Parts

Mister Cooper got lucky on a trip to a guy's garage to pick up some new wheels for his Falcon. Besides the aformentioned rolling stock, the famed artist let go of a few more dollars from his Cooply stash, heading home with a vintage Vertex Mag, a classic Edelbrock X-C8 cross-ram intake complete with dual Carters and a… » 8/02/07 9:00pm 8/02/07 9:00pm

Heavily Tweaked Lada

English Russia once again comes through with evidence of capitalism's impact on the former Soviet Union. East, meet west. West, meet East. Now add turbochargers and scissor doors. The yikes factor is strong with this one; it's even got a head-up display! We have to admit, we're not entirely sure about the styling but… » 8/01/07 5:00pm 8/01/07 5:00pm

Coop Hits the Swap Meet

The one and only Mister Cooper got together with Señor Jalopy and belly-tank Bobby to hit a Model T swap meet in the fine city of Long Beach. As one of the few art critics Los Jalops intrinsically respect — as he himself has a bit of the old artist in him — we dig the man's take on the inherent majesty of the layout… » 7/27/07 9:45pm 7/27/07 9:45pm

In Russia, Air Brushes YOU!

The inimitable English Russia has a gallery from Russia's Aerograph 2007 show, featuring a smattering of obsessively-artified vehicles. Sadly, there's only one ZAZ among the bunch, but as Murilee is wont to say, "...And one Zaporozhets to rule them all!" In fact, most of the vehicles are of German origin, suggesting… » 7/26/07 8:00pm 7/26/07 8:00pm


We suppose that surreal is subjective. By and large we'd think of a Ford Taunus stuffed full of overly-turboed Cosworth power as generally, awesome, if a little bit foreign. But when one builds a full-race Moskvitch in primer, with no back window, apparently to allow air-fuel-mixture calibration via inhalation,… » 7/24/07 6:15pm 7/24/07 6:15pm

Iowahawk's Hot Rod Glossary

The language rodders speak can be downright confusing at times. Chopping, channeling, frenching, Z-ing, sectioning, etc. But now, thanks to Iowahawk, the non-rod literate have a handy-dandy guide to phrases bandied about at your average NSRA event. Yes, now you too can hang with old dudes who can't get enough doo-wop… » 7/17/07 9:30pm 7/17/07 9:30pm

Every Girl's Crazy 'Bout a Ford Coupe Man

Apparently, all one really needs to get a dance with the girl of his dreams is a Chuck Lombardo hot-rodded '33 Model 41, and the apparitions of Frank Beard, Dusty Hill and Billy F. Gibbons. Oh, and some spandex-clad hotties as stylists/entourage. Mostly, we don't miss the '80s. Sometimes, however, we do. » 7/17/07 8:00pm 7/17/07 8:00pm