Here's The Batshit Baja Mercedes I Found Parked On The Streets Of LA

When you're on a long road trip, you get used to certain sights, namely the regular cars that endlessly populate your field of view. However, sometimes a certain something can break the monotony and make you think to yourself "Did I just get goatse'd?" This ensemble of rally-ready insanity is exactly that. » 2/27/15 6:00pm 2/27/15 6:00pm

Would Your Pay $9,995 For This Dealer-Widened 1982 Ford Mustang GT?

Driving today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Mustang might require a small pickup as wingman, following wherever it goes, and carrying a sign that reads 'Wide Load.' That's because this pony sports some cool, and hells-big, fender flares from back in the day, but will its price also be seen as 'a load?' » 2/20/15 8:00am 2/20/15 8:00am

Rolls-Royce Will Make Your Car Ugly As Fuck If You Want It

It's been commonly said that la crème-da-la-crème of carmakers of the world will build you anything you want, as long as you have the money. Thanks to a new report from Bloomberg, we now know that's actually true. Rolls-Royce, at least, will build and change anything your heart desires. Except for two things. » 2/19/15 12:30pm 2/19/15 12:30pm

For $12,000, Will This 1988 Porsche 944’s V8 Quell The Haters?

One of the original complaints about Porsche's 924 was that it lacked enough power to properly represent the brand, and the company's answer to that was the 944. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 944 wanted even more and so its builder has looked outside the brand, to Chevy. Will this LT1-powered Porsche also power up… » 2/11/15 8:00am 2/11/15 8:00am