This Rad Ducati Scrambler Custom Is What You Get When You Mix Work And Love

One of the coolest things about the motorcycle industry is the people you meet in it. For most of them, motorcycling isn’t a job, it’s a way of life, and something that they live out even when they clock out. Heath Cofran, who’s a communications pro for gearmaker Alpinestars, is one of the guys, and his Ducati…

You've Never Seen A Custom Bike Like This Hello Kitty-Themed Scrambler

The funny thing about custom motorcycles is how often they end up looking so similar. When MotoCorsa, the top selling Ducati dealership in the nation, was asked to be a part of Ducati’s Custom Rumble contest, they wanted to put the “custom” back in custom. Meet the Hello Kitty-themed Scrambler, and boy is it...…


Essential Tips For Doing Your Generally Terrible Custom Motorcycle Lighting The Right Way

I disapprove of your decision to turn brake lights into skull eyes, but I’ll defend your right to do it. Within reason, people. Nobody wants to clean your ass off the pavement because they couldn’t see that Halloween decoration blinking across the highway. So we’ve got some tips for doing custom lighting properly.