Why There Might Not Be A Cuban Classic Car Boom

There's been some concern and consternation over what the possible end of the American embargo might mean for Cuba's automotive landscape. Some have prognosticated that it'll spell a small boom for the island, while we mainly just hope the culture itself isn't destroyed. But the old American cruisers might not sell so… »12/23/14 4:50pm12/23/14 4:50pm

Will Cuba's Cars Need Protecting Now That Cuba Is About To Open?

I was actually very excited to hear the announcement that relations with Cuba would be normalized, for two reasons, neither of which involve cigars. First, my dad was born and raised in Cuba, and second, Cuba has one of the most interesting car ecosystems on the planet. But I'll be honest — I'm a little worried about… »12/18/14 1:15pm12/18/14 1:15pm

Cubans Can Buy New Cars, But That Won't Change The Car Culture Much

Aside from the embargo and the cigars and the communism, the biggest thing people think about when they hear Cuba is the number of old American cars roaming the streets. Now that the country is opening up the sale of new and used cars to the general public, you'd be right in thinking people will ditch their old cars… »12/19/13 3:00pm12/19/13 3:00pm