How Car And Driver Crashed Both Of Their NSX Test Cars

What do an early Porsche 911 and the original Acura NSX have in common? If you lift off the throttle in a corner, you'll most likely crash, as the editors of Car And Driver found out twice in the 1990s. » 1/14/15 9:50am 1/14/15 9:50am

Car & Driver Names Eddie Alterman New Editor-in-Chief

This morning, Eddie Alterman was named the new Editor-in-Chief of Car & Driver, Hachette's slightly-tarnished-but-still-storied automotive enthusiast magazine. Interestingly, Hachette insiders tell us Jalopnik's readers helped make this a reality. » 2/25/09 11:00am 2/25/09 11:00am

Eddie Alterman: Ready To Bring HOPE... To Car & Driver

In tough times, a buff book needs a man with a plan to make readers love cars again. That's why Jalopnik reiterates its support for former MPHer Eddie Alterman for Car & Driver Editor-in-Chief. » 12/17/08 12:30pm 12/17/08 12:30pm

Csaba Csere, Car And Driver Editor-In-Chief, Resigns

Jalopnik has confirmed Csaba Csere, the famously unpronounceable Editor-in-Chief of Hachette Filipacchi Magazines' flagship moneymaker Car and Driver, will be resigning his position effective January 1, 2009. Why? » 12/16/08 10:16am 12/16/08 10:16am

Car And Driver Editor Csaba Csere Deflates Obama's Tires, Huffs…

Car und Driver Editor-und-Chief Csaba Csere spent a few moments in front of the camera yesterday rebutting the hot political non-issue of "tire pressure" fuel savings. Let's be clear here, we happen to agree with Csaba that Obama's numbers may not be fully accurate. But interjecting and glossing over ANWR without… » 8/08/08 3:20pm 8/08/08 3:20pm

Car & Driver Cover Clinic: Which Embargoed Shot of the 2008 Dodge…

The buff boys over at the buff book named Car und Driver appear to be needing some crucial reader input on their April issue. They, or a duly-sworn representative, have taken it upon themselves to send out some versions of their cover to a small clinic group of readers to determine which shots should get the… » 1/24/08 7:30am 1/24/08 7:30am

Car & Driver Reveals Top Ten Cars For 2008

We just saw Chubby Checkers Sabra Sarah Csaba Csere, zee editor-und-chief of Car und Driver revealing the top ten cars for 2008 live on CNBC, 'merica's business channel. Hmm, maybe we need a top ten list to give out as an exclusive...hmm, not so shabby of an idea — we'll have to look into that. In the meantime we'd… » 11/30/07 8:45am 11/30/07 8:45am

Brock Yates on His Car and Driver Departure

Brock Yates is one of the more divisive figures in automotive journalism. In fact, we feel like a redundant dunce in even saying that, but whatever. Still, we were really shocked when Sweet Peet D. mentioned that Csaba Csere had let Yates go. To us, being thirtysomethings, Yates is more an icon of Car and Driver than… » 5/13/06 2:54pm 5/13/06 2:54pm

Car and Driver On the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

10.9-second time in the quarter? Naught to sixty in 3.4 seconds? 427 cubic inches of aluminum Ford V-8 huffed by a couple of turbochargers? Hey, it's only 589 large. Csaba takes it for a spin and comes away impressed, but somehow, not as impressed as one should be when those specs are accounted for. Is The Csere just… » 3/22/06 10:50pm 3/22/06 10:50pm

Tony Swan Sends Us to School Regarding Car and Driver Changes

We just heard from Tony Swan over at C/D regarding the reduction of his role at the mag, which we reported on a couple of days back, mentioning that per Autoextremist, he was being pushed into early retirement. Swan replies: » 2/03/06 10:40am 2/03/06 10:40am

Big Changes Afoot at Car and Driver

We'll admit that over the last couple of years, we haven't enjoyed Car and Driver or Automobile as much as we once did. With their young talent pools having been cherry-picked by David Pecker and his posse to put together mph and Dan Neil having filled his plate in Los Angeles, there's a certain spark that's missing.… » 2/01/06 9:10am 2/01/06 9:10am