Exec Says, BMW to Launch Car Based on CS Concept

If you thought BMW's CS Concept was a hottie, we've got good news. If you thought it was ungainly and overstylized, just keep moving — nothing to see here. Word from Automotive News today is that BMW — right in line with the rumor mill — will build a top-end four seater based on the CS, which BMW introduced at the… » 5/21/07 7:45am 5/21/07 7:45am

The BMW Concept CS: Now With Video, Flowery Art-Geek Speak

The BMW Concept CS has been one divisive piece of machinery. Detractors say it's the bastard child of Chris Bangle and a Dodge Charger. Proponents say it's the most tempered thing to come out of Designworks since the John Deere X Series lawn and garden tractor. Still, the kidney grille was a class touch. » 4/20/07 12:36pm 4/20/07 12:36pm